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All weekly missions for Dota's Nemestice Battle Pass

Thanks to a flaw found within Reddit, we now have access to every single weekly quest you will need to complete the Nemestice Battle Pass from Dota 2.
All weekly missions for Dota's Nemestice Battle Pass

The arrival of the first battle pass for Dota 2 brought with it a new challenge for all its players, who through new weekly missions are now able to unlock exclusive rewards.

However, although these missions are only unlocked each week, all of the quests have been found to be already in the game and thanks to some Reddit sleuths and Dota 2 leakers, we now know what weekly quests are set to hit the game.

In a now-deleted post, some players said that by modifying the date on their PC they were able to see what missions are ahead, which had already been tested during the Week 2 tasks

So right below we will show you each of the remaining missions of the Nemestice battle pass, including those from the first two weeks.

Nemestice Battle Pass - All weekly missions

Week 1 missions

  • Play 3/10/30 matches.
  • Play 2/6/20 Nemestice custom matches.
  • High Five a player in-game 10/50/150 times.
  • Kill 3/15/50 Roshans.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches.
  • Destroy 5/25/125 enemy wards.
  • Kill 15/75/225 enemy heroes.
  • Win 1/3/10 matches with a party of five players.

Week 2 missions

  • Play 3/10/30 matches.
  • Win 1/3/10 Nemestice matches.
  • Activate 5/15/45 bounty runes in matches that you win.
  • Level up a Hero Relic 3/10/25 times.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches with 3+ guild members in the party.
  • Win 2/5/15 matches as a core hero in Ranked Roles.
  • Assist 25/175/500 enemy hero kills.
  • Earn 300/900/3000 creeps in matches that you win.

Week 3 missions

  • Play 10/3/30 matches.
  • Channel 15/60/200 Fragments of Nemestice.
  • Accumulate 10/50/150 neutral camps.
  • Complete 7/2/14 Hero Challenges with 1 Star or more.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches.
  • Win 2/5/15 matches as Support in Ranked Roles mode.
  • Deals 25,000 / 80,000 / 250,000 magic damage to enemies.
  • Win 2/10/30 matches with Force heroes.
Dota 2 Nemestice event art
(Picture: Valve)

Week 4 missions

  • Play 10/3/30 matches.
  • Destroy 1/4/15 towers during matches of Nemestice.
  • Stuns enemy Heroes for 5/25/100 seconds.
  • Activate 5/15/45 Bounty Runes in matches that you win.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches in Captain Mode, Ability Draft or Random Draft.
  • Heals 3000 / 15,000 / 50,000 HP from friendly Heroes.
  • Deals 48,000 / 160,000 / 480,000 Physical damage to enemy Heroes.
  • Win 1/5/15 matches with Intelligence heroes.

Week 5 missions

  • Play 10/3/30 matches.
  • Kill 10/40/150 Heroes when they are under the effects of a Nemestice Shard.
  • Plant 5/25/75 Observer Wards in matches that you win.
  • Accumulate 300/900/3000 Net Worth in matches that you win.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches.
  • Deny 45/150/450 creeps.
  • Deals 6000 / 18,000 / 55,000 pure damage to enemy Heroes.
  • Win 1/5/15 matches with Agility heroes.

Week 6 missions

  • Play 10/3/30 matches.
  • Grab 10/40/150 Nemestice Shards dropped on the ground.
  • Complete 10/50/150 Guild Bounties.
  • Deals 9000 / 30,000 / 100,000 damage to enemy structures.
  • Win 1/5/18 matches.
  • Complete 7/2/14 Hero Challenges with 3 stars.
  • Deals 30,000 / 100,000 / 3,000,000 damage to enemy Heroes early in the game.
  • Earn 1500/7500 / 25,000 gold with Hand of Midas in matches that you win.
Dota 2 Nemestice Battle Pass rewards
(Picture: Valve)

And while some of these missions may well be placeholders, as some suspect, it hasn't stopped others from expressing their annoyance at the demands of some of the tasks.

This is because players are required to collect 18 out of 24 stars each week in order to claim 7,500 Battle Points, which can be quite exhausting if you tend to play more casually.

At the moment only a total of 16 weekly missions have been revealed so far during the first two weeks, so Valve could change many of these missions due to this major leak.

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