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Dota 2 Nemestice Event - How to play, mechanics and more

The all-new Dota 2 Summer Nemestice Event has been released along with the 2021 Nemestice Battle Pass and here’s everything you need to know about it!
Dota 2 Nemestice Event - How to play, mechanics and more
After much anticipation, the Dota 2 Summer Nemestice Event has finally been released. Similarly to previous seasonal activations, the Nemestice Event is a custom game mode available to all Dota 2 players. The event was first announced on Twitter by Wykhrm Reddy; and to our surprise, also included a new Battle Pass unlocking a new Spectre Arcana, Dragon Knight Persona, Invoker Persona set and a collection of Immortal Treasures.

In case you’re wondering what the Nemestice Event is about, or how you can play it, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place! 

How to play the Nemestice Event

The Nemestice Event is available as a custom game mode and best of all - you don’t need to purchase a Dota 2 Battle Pass to play it. Simply locate the mode in your list of matchmaking options and enjoy!

The objective of the game is similar to a regular game of Dota 2: destroy all of the enemy’s towers to gain control of the battlefield and win the game. The catch is that the custom mode comprises an entirely different map, with a slightly different gameplay mechanic than which we’re used to.

Nemestice Event Mechanics

In the game, the Nemestice Storm will rain giant smouldering fragments from crashing meteorites. These will fall down in the centre of the map every three minutes. Players must then channel the fallen meteorites to collect “Nemestice Embers”, whilst also avoiding being struck down by them.

Nemestice Embers are said to grant “Embercharge”, which boosts attack damage, spell amplification and movement speed of heroes. By garnering the power of the storm, players can gather Embercharge to wipe out enemies in their paths and destroy enemy towers to win the game.

dota 2 nemestice event game mode ti10 battle pass
Nemestice Event (Picture: Dota 2 / Valve)

Upon destroying a tower, power disperses to the allied towers, reinforcing them with special buffs. In addition, the dissipated power draws the attention and assistance of "Nemestice-crazed creeps", which are unleashed in waves.

nemestice event creep ti10 battle pass summer event
Nemestice Event Creep (Picture: Dota 2 / Valve)

If you’ve ever played a Dota 2 seasonal event, then you’ll know exactly what to expect. In case you haven’t, you can check out some Nemestice Event gameplay by Arteezy in the video below. 

This year’s event shares some resemblance to Diretide, which was arguably my favourite out of all of the Dota 2 seasonal events. In all honesty, I was expecting the Nemestice Event to have an entirely novel mechanic, but perhaps this was an oversight on my part.

What wasn't an oversight, was the drop of the new Spectre Arcana though. We previously speculated that it would be released alongside the Nemestice event and we're glad to see it arrive a day early. We'll be sure to cover the newly arrived Spectre Arcana in a later article very soon.

Nevertheless, I will definitely be participating in the Nemestice Event this year. But what about you? Will you be participating in the Dota 2 Nemestice Event? Let us know by tweeting us at @NewsGinx or @GinxTV.

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Header image via Valve.