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Dota 2 Battle Pass update makes earning free levels easier

Valve has heard the community and is making Dota 2 Battle Pass free levels easier to earn.
Dota 2 Battle Pass update makes earning free levels easier

Not everyone can spend nearly $10,000 on the Dota 2 Battle Pass. For those who only purchase one bundle, or the standard level 1 Battle Pass,  getting those free levels through completing tasks, and playing the game, feel a bit slower this year.

Valve has now released a new Dota 2 Battle Pass update, which makes getting those free levels a bit easier.


Dota 2 Battle Pass update 

Valve has listened to the community outcries, where players felt earning free Dota 2 Battle Pass levels felt slower than last year. First off, Valve explained players are actually earning more free levels than last year.

Valve states in a new post on Steam: "We've read feedback from the community that levelling feels harder this year. We looked into how things compare so far to last year. For battle pass players of all levels, on average players have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year.

"If we consider only players who after a week were below level 200, on average they have earned 7.91% more free levels than last year."


Dota 2 battle pass update free levels valve
The math doesn't quite add up, but Valve still makes changes to accommodate fans (Picture: Valve)


While the developer's research points towards easier free Dota 2 Battle Pass levels than last year, Valve also recognizes players still feel they want to earn more through playing.

To this end, Valve has updated the Dota 2 Battle Pass with the following changes:

  • Wagering battle point rewards are now increased by 50%
  • Guild contract battle point rewards are now increased by 100%
  • Sideshop gold for Recycling is increased by 65%
  • Sideshop gold for Guild contracts and upgrades are increased by 100%

These are some big changes, to say the least. For those who already recycled all their unwanted stuff in the sideshop, there's some good news as well. Valve will be granting extra gold for previous recycles very soon. 

It remains to be seen if the Dota 2 community will be content with these changes.

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