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Dota 2 Faceless Void Arcana - How To Unlock, Models, Animations & Effects

Learn about the new "Claszian Apostasy" Faceless Void Arcana in the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass, including how to unlock it and more.
Dota 2 Faceless Void Arcana - How To Unlock, Models, Animations & Effects

Following the release of Dota 2 patch 7.32b, which brought a slew of updates and hero adjustments, developer Valve has finally unveiled the long-awaited 2022 Battle Pass ahead of the prestigious The International 2022 tournament.

The latest Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 includes a massive menu of content and features, including new Immortal Treasure items, the return of Cavern Crawl and Weekly Quests, and (more importantly) new Arcanas and Personas for several heroes.

Accordingly, the Claszian Apostasy Arcana bundle for Faceless Void is finally available as a Level 495 Battle Pass reward after much fan interest during the previous Arcana vote (won by Spectre). Here's everything about the new Faceless Void Arcana in Dota 2, including how to unlock it and a showcase of the new model, animations, effects, and alternate style.

Dota 2 - How to unlock Faceless Void Arcana

how to unlock faceless void dota 2 arcana bundle
The Faceless Void Arcana is unlocked at Level 495 of the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass.

To unlock the Faceless Void "Claszian Apostasy" Arcana bundle, you'll need to buy the 2022 Dota 2 Battle Pass and upgrade it to Level 495. While it's certainly possible to unlock the Arcana set by earning Battle Points organically by playing regular matches, Cavern Crawl, or completing Weekly Quests, this method is very slow.

Instead, the most practical way to unlock the Faceless Void Arcana set would be to purchase a Level 100 Battle Pass for $44.99 and then buy additional bundles to upgrade it to Level 495. We calculated upgrading the Battle Pass to Level 495 to cost about $150 (R2,600) at South African pricing. There is a 100 Level discounted bundle likely releasing later in the season, so keep this in mind.

Dota 2 - Faceless Void Arcana model, animations & effects

faceless void animation in dota 2 new effects
Faceless Void's model and pedestal were corrupted by Clasz's true touch.

The Faceless Void Arcana Battle Pass reward includes an all-new model and pedestal, custom animations, effects, and hero assets. In addition, the bundle has more than 800 Arcana-exclusive voice lines, custom kill effects, and special item effects.

Faceless Void New Effects in Dota 2

There is a full set of animation and ambient effects for the Faceless Void Arcana for his abilities: Time Walk, Time Dilation, Time Lock, and Chronosphere. Each ability also has a custom icon; the same is true for Mask of Madness, Maelstrom, and Mjollnir items.

faceless void arcana dota 2 showcase
This is how the Faceless Void Arcana looks in-game.

Faceless Void has an all-new hero portrait and minimap icon in Dota 2. In addition, the 2022 Battle Pass Arcana bundle includes a new custom kill effect for Faceless Void's victims, a new deny effect, and new effects for the three items mentioned above.

Arcana-exclusive voice lines

Faceless Void has an "all-new voice performance by the original actor," adding several interactions to his new transformation.

Unlockable second style

Faceless Void's Claszian Supremacy alternate Arcana style
Faceless Void's Claszian Supremacy alternate Arcana style.

Lastly, Dota 2 Battle Pass owners can unlock the "Claszian Supremacy" alternate second style. This style is unlocked by earning 250 points toward the Faceless Void Arcana progress.

In particular, an enemy dying under Chronosphere earns 1 point (maximum of 6 points awarded per match). Kills and assists count toward the Arcana progress, although this probably won't stop low-skill players raging at allies about stealing kills.

You can check out some of the effects and animations in the video below (thanks, Valve).

And that's all. There's also an Arcana set for Razer, plus Personas for Crystal Maiden and Phantom Assasin; however, information about these sets is currently unavailable. We'll endeavor to update you as more information is known.

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All featured images are courtesy of Valve / Dota 2.