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What Is Forebearer's Fortune In Dota 2? Muerta Easter Egg

Here's everything about Forebearer's Fortune in Dota 2, including its connection to the new upcoming hero Muerta.
What Is Forebearer's Fortune In Dota 2? Muerta Easter Egg

Dota 2 players on Reddit have recently been discussing a mysterious item called "Forebearer's Fortune" that has appeared as part of a special Muerta mini-game. This item is believed to be linked to the highly anticipated new upcoming Mournful Revenant, so it's only natural that many players are excited to find out what it is and what it can do.

As such, you might find yourself wondering: "What is Forebearer's Fortune in Dota 2?" But fret not because we have you covered. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Forebearer's Fortune Easter Egg in Dota 2, including how to use it and how to get your hands on the item "Mercy & Grace."

What Is Forebearer's Fortune In Dota 2?

Forebearer's Fortune dota 2 muerta mini game
Forebearer's Fortune is an item linked to a special Muerta mini-game in Dota 2. (Picture: Valve)

According to reports by players on Reddit, Forebearer's Fortune is a secret item recently appearing in Dota 2's Shop Inventory. Players can search for the item and then purchase it for 0 Gold. Once bought, they can use the active "Undying Promise" before the horn sounds (i.e., before the start of the match) as the "dead might be willing to listen."

More specifically, players will receive a Trusted Shovel, which they can use to dig around the map. Upon digging at specific locations and submitting offerings to Muerta's statue (located above or below the Side Shop - depending on whether you're on Dire or Radiant), players will receive "Mercy & Grace," which is presumed to be one of Muerta's abilities. You can watch the video below for a visual demonstration of how the interaction works.

What Is Mercy & Grace In Dota 2?

As mentioned, "Mercy & Grace" appears to be an Easter Egg item in Dota 2, which may be connected to Muerta. According to the item's in-game description, Mercy & Grace provides a 100% Bonus Cast Range, 100% Spell Amplification, and 70% Health Penalty. It has an active "Dead Shot" ability that fires a ghostly bullet at an enemy unit or tree.

"When the bullet strikes, it will deal 300 damage and slow the target by 100% for 0.5 seconds, then ricochet in the vector-targeted direction." All enemy units hit by the ricochet will be damaged, stopping when it hits a hero. In addition, all heroes hit by the ricochet will be feared for 2 seconds in the direction of the shot. The active has a 160 Mana Cost and a 10-second cooldown.

And that's everything we know about Forebearer's Fortune in Dota 2. However, it's worth noting that loads of other references to Muerta have recently been discovered in-game, leading many players to believe that Muerta's arrival is imminent.