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How To Gain MMR Fast In Dota 2

Tired of losing MMR in Dota 2? You're not alone. This guide will explain exactly how to climb the ranked ladder.
How To Gain MMR Fast In Dota 2

Want to boost your rank in Dota 2? We've got you covered. Let's be honest; gaining MMR in Dota 2 can be tricky. Some days, we feel on top of the game as if we could win The International, while other days, we may even struggle to get last hits.

In this guide, we'll offer our top tips on how to gain MMR fast in Dota 2. We will review everything you need to know to stay consistent and keep climbing the rankings. Dota 2 can be a frustrating but amazing game, given the complexity of its gameplay and the various personalities we may encounter in-game. So, let's get started.

How To Rank Up Quickly In Dota 2


The simple solution is to keep winning, but first, we need to understand why and how we can win consistently. At the same time, it's worth understanding why we lose. In this Dota 2 guide, we will go over the best tips you can employ at all game levels to ensure that you keep winning while minimizing the losses.  

Tip 1: Communication

While it may initially seem trivial, communication can be the difference between victory and defeat in almost any game, regardless of the level of play. Positive communication is essential. Make sure to relay your moves in advance so that your teammates are aware of your intentions during battles.

For example, if you plan to use your Ultimate, letting your teammates know can enable them to synchronize their spells, potentially clinching the fight. In contrast, using your Ultimate without informing them may result in a lack of follow-up, leading to a lost fight and unjustly blaming your team.

Refrain from negative communication, such as highlighting your teammate's errors. Such comments only instigate conflict and divert both you and them from the game's objective. Remember, in games like Dota 2, effective communication is priceless.


Tip 2: Maintain High GPM

In Dota 2, the principles of efficient farming apply to all roles. Now, this doesn't mean that as a support, you are given the green light to take the carry's farm. Instead, it is about maximizing your Gold Per Minute (GPM) according to your role without hindering your teammates.

For support players in Dota 2, it is your duty to find farming opportunities where you can. This could mean temporarily occupying lanes when core players are away or snagging a few jungle creeps when feasible.

For core players, missing last hits in an uncontested lane is a major issue. If this happens, it's worth self-reflecting to identify if you might be the weak link. Actively stack camps, even if your team isn't doing it for you. Prioritize saving for Buyback, as it can be a game-changer in crucial battles. It's a balancing act of farming and engaging in battles as efficiently as possible.

Always aim to farm your way across lanes, ensuring your GPM doesn't dip due to mere traversal.


Tip 3: Dont Die

While it might seem self-explanatory, the profound impact of a single death in Dota 2 on the game cannot be emphasized enough. We've all witnessed games where our carry died without Buyback, allowing the enemy to end the game before the carry could respawn. Don't be that carry.

A support's death can be equally impactful, especially if they're the sole carrier of detection against an enemy lineup with invisibility, and they die first. So, given the significance of avoiding death, how can we mitigate these potential fatalities in a Dota 2 ranked match?

One primary strategy in Dota 2 to counter death is always ensuring you have Buyback. As simple as it sounds, it requires discipline in refraining from buying out unless it's likely to be game-winning or contingent on a specific fight.

Another method to guarantee you always have enough reliable gold for Buyback is to utilize a Hand of Midas, as the gold it provides is always dependable. Pushing objectives and taking down towers and other structures also ensures a consistent flow of gold for Buyback.

Lastly, proper positioning is essential to avoid untimely deaths. Additionally, itemizing to counter the threats posed by enemies can significantly boost your survival chances.


Tip 4: Use Your Spells!

Yes, this might seem almost pointless. But believe me, it's not. Be mindful to use all of your abilities. How many times have you died with all spells on cooldown? Use your spells as much as possible without draining your mana, as a spell that is available that is never used might as well be permanently on cooldown. 

A chance not taken can be the difference in getting the pick-off required to end the game or holding your ultimate for the five-man Blackhole that never happens.

How To Utilize All The Tips Together

Now that we've reviewed the tips to boost your MMR in Dota 2 let's consolidate them for a clearer understanding. Always communicate your strategies and plans with your team constructively. If someone wants to fight you constantly or be rude, mute them and move on.

Keep your GPM optimal, ensuring you have the funds for necessary items and Buyback, maximizing your in-game impact. Aim to minimize deaths. This deprives the enemy of gold and conserves yours, ensuring you're always available for crucial team fights.

Lastly, use all your abilities to their fullest. Don't be shy; throw everything you have, including the metaphorical kitchen sink. A perfect setup isn't always attainable; sometimes, a solo Chrono can be more impactful than no Chrono. Know what I mean?

This wraps up our guide on how to climb the Dota 2 ranked ladder and boost your MMR. For more Dota 2 guides, stick with us, and we'll assist you in ascending the ranked ladder of excellence!

Disclaimer: This guide on how to rank up swiftly in Dota 2 is predominantly rooted in the author's personal experiences and gameplay strategies. To enhance its authenticity and ensure a comprehensive perspective, it also assimilates invaluable insights and tips from seasoned Immortal tier players and distinguished professionals from the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). It's important to note that while these strategies have been effective for many, success in Dota 2 is multi-faceted, and results can vary for individual players. Always be adaptive and consider combining this guide's advice with your own gameplay style and intuition.