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Marci joins Dota 2 as new hero from Netflix Dragon Blood series

Marci is the latest hero to join Dota 2, arriving from Dota: Dragon's Blood anime series on Netflix. Here's everything we know about the quiet character, including her abilities, release date and more!
Valve recently announced that a brand-new hero will be joining the fight in Dota 2 following a surprise reveal at The International 10 playoffs this weekend. This came shortly after the announcement of Season 2 of the Dota: Dragon's Blood series on Netflix, which is expected to premiere early next year.

At present, little is known about the enigmatic hero, which has sparked lots of speculation as to who Marci is and what she will be capable of in the game.

Who is Marci in Dota 2?

Marci is a new unreleased hero in Dota 2 and joins as the character bearing the same name featured in the Dota 2 anime spinoff series, Dota: Dragon's Blood on Netflix.

Marci is the newest hero to join Dota 2 and debuted in the Netflix series, Dota: Dragon's Blood. (Picture: Netflix)
Marci is the newest hero to join Dota 2 and debuted in the Netflix series, Dota: Dragon's Blood. (Picture: Netflix)

Initially debuting in Season 1 of the Netflix Original Series, Marci is first introduced as Mirana's silent companion but later showcases tremendous strength and fighting ability.

This centred Marci as a pivotal character in the series, which prompted some fans to anticipate her eventually joining the game. Marci is undoubtedly one of the most universally adored characters in the Netflix series.

Marci is also a very quiet character in the Netflix series. This led many fans to think that she is mute, however, this was later revealed not to be the case. In case you missed the reveal trailer, we've embedded it below for your viewing consideration.

Valve has not revealed too much detail about the upcoming hero but did say this on their official blog: "Unleash the dauntless strength of Marci as she proves some loyalties transcend barriers and takes her place amongst the most stalwart heroes in Dota 2."

Her journey begins above with help from 2D animation by Studio Mir and she'll enter the mix in a new Dota 2 update coming soon," Valve added.

dota 2 valve new hero marci dota dragons blood series netflix
Marci is Mirana's silent companion in the Dota: Dragon's Blood series. (Picture: Netflix)

What are Marci's abilities in Dota 2?

As you can imagine, there is no information about Marci's abilities or hero stats. We will update this section as soon as more information has been released by Valve or dataminers.

dota 2 marci hero joins fall 2021 all marci abiltiies who is marci dota2
Marci is set to join Dota 2's hero pool sometime this fall. (Picture: Valve)

It's really anyone's guess whether Marci will join as a Support or Core hero, although I personally hope that she will be Hard Carry. This is considering the fact that the last Core hero introduced to Dota 2 was Arc Warden in 2015.

When will Marci be released in Dota 2?

Valve has not specified the exact date when Marci will be released but indicated that Marci would "join the fight this fall," which would presumably be anytime between now and 21st December this year.


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Featured image courtesy of Valve.