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The International 10 prize pool surges past $10 million

The prize pool for The International 10 has already reached $10 million due to massive crowd-funding.
Dota 2 players are throwing their wallets at Valve. Less than three days after the release of Dota 2 Battle Pass, The International 10's prize pool has reached million.

This is quite a bit faster than previous years, and most of the prize pool comes from crowdfunding via Battle Pass and related purchases.

The International 10 prize pool

The International 10 prize pool has shown incredible growth. Valve provided a base prize pool of $1.6 million, and everything else comes from the wallets of Dota 2 players.

What makes this even more impressive is only 25% of the purchases go into the prize pool, and 75% goes to Valve. 

Prices for the Battle Pass start at $9.99 for the standard one, with a level 50 pack for $29.35, and level 100 for $44.99. You can also purchase additional level packs.

At the same point in time, TI9's prize pool was just over $9 million, while TI8's prize pool was just over $7 million. Keeping in mind that The International 10 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The prize pool usually continues to grow until the grand finals take place, so we might just see a million prize pool this year. 

The talented Wykrhm Reddy explained how after just 24 hours, The International 10 prize pool already shattered previous records.



Why should you care how big The International 10's prize pool grows? Well, last year, the prize pool reached $34.3 million, becoming the biggest in esports history. 

At this pace, The International 10's prize pool is set to eclipse the record-breaking TI9 prize pool. It is still early days, however, so we can't exactly be sure it will shatter last year's record.

Those fans with a Dota 2 Battle Pass also get something out of it. If this year's prize pool breaks the TI9 number, Battle Pass owners get 10,000 Battle Points (10 levels). If the prize pool reaches the $40 million milestone, Battle Pass owners get another 10,000 Battle Points.

Whatever happens, it is clear Dota 2 fans are throwing their wallets at Valve. The new Battle Pass is the biggest one yet, with a large list of features, which is probably why Gabe "GabeN" Newell is swimming in the cash right now.