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Dota 2 International 2023 Fantasy Predictions (Main Event)

Looking for an Oracle? No problem. Here are our Dota 2 TI12 Fantasy Predictions for The International 2023.
Dota 2 International 2023 Fantasy Predictions (Main Event)
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Looking for the ultimate Dota 2 Fantasy League guide? You've got it! With The International 2023 finally underway, it's only natural that many esports enthusiasts might be drawn to the event's allure. After all, TI12 promises to be a spectacular display of intense competition.

However, while many fans will be fixed in on the action, either watching The International 2023 livestream or attending the event, many more will be looking for the best Dota 2 Fantasy Predictions in the TI12 Compendium. That said, you can find our predictions and selection tips right here!

Updated on 26 October 2023: I've updated this page for the Dota 2 TI12 Fantasy roster picks for the The International 2023 Main Event.

How Does The New Dota 2 Fantasy League Work?

Valve has revamped the Fantasy League during The International 2023. A comparison with the old system shows a dramatic shift in the scoring metrics. For instance, certain aspects like Kills, Wards, Stacks, and Stuns have become less profitable overall.

The Core and Mid roles now can earn more points through Deaths and GPM, while Supports gain from Lotuses, Observer Wards, Stacks, and Stuns. You'll also be wise to upgrade the Emblem Quality as much as possible, as it offers the most value.

An overview of The International 2023 Fantasy score tiering structure is indicated below (thanks, u/Maroomm). Understandably, not everyone is happy with these changes.

Tier Core Mid Support
S Deaths, GPM Deaths, Team Fights, GPM Lotuses, Observer Wards, Stacks, Stuns
A Last Hits, Neutral Tokens, Team Fights, Towers Last Hits, Neutral Tokens, Towers, Runes, Kills Watchers, Courier Kills, Runes, GPM
B Kills, Roshan, Tormentor Roshan, Tormentor -

What Are The Best Dota 2 Fantasy League Picks?

fantasy dota 2

For the Dota 2 Fantasy predictions, you'll ideally want to choose players::

  • Core: Kiritych~, Yatoro雨, dyrachyo, Nightfall, Moo, shiro, or m1ckE
  • Mid: Gunnar, NothingToSay, Nisha, or squad1x
  • Support: fy, Yamsun, Boxi, Miposhka, TORONTOTOKYO, or 天命

I'm playing it safe and going with players from the Upper Bracket (Spirit, Liquid, and LGD) rather than betting on teams in the Lower Bracket making it all the way through.

Don't trust my picks? I'm currently sitting with 53,241.3 points and ranked 3rd in my Steam Friends list after the Playoffs phase. I didn't reroll any banners or tiles, nor do anything fancy besides selecting the players I wanted in my Fantasy roster — so, I guess I know what I'm doing, or the rest of my friends are just terrible?


And that's a wrap! While I've done my best to ensure that these predictions will award you the highest possible Dota 2 Fantasy Points, these picks involve some luck. So, I highly encourage you to use your discretion and make adjustments, especially if you think I'm blowing smoke through my arse.