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What Are Tormentors In Dota 2?

Confused by how to take Tormentors in Dota 2? You're not alone. Here's everything to know about these powerful neutral units!
What Are Tormentors In Dota 2?
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What is a Tormentor in Dota 2? Fair question. If you're a new or returning player, you might not be familiar with this latest addition. As part of the 7.33 patch, these formidable neutral creep bosses were introduced, providing a potentially game-changing opportunity for those wanting to get an edge.

From understanding the Tormentors' abilities to figuring out their locations, this guide will equip you with the insights you need to succeed. Whether you're Immortal or Herald, we aim to help you transform these formidable adversaries into valuable assets. So, here's everything about Tormentors in Dota 2.

Note: This page is accurate after the 7.33e update. We will endeavor to update this guide if any major changes are made to Tormentors in Dota 2.

What Is A Tormentor in Dota 2?

Tormentors are a unique type of neutral creep in Dota 2, added in patch 7.33. Despite looking like static remnants or structures, these units cannot move or attack. But don't be fooled. They are tough adversaries, boasting powerful regenerating barriers and potent damage reflection.

But that's not all. Each time a Tormentor is defeated, it returns stronger, increasing the challenge. While not as influential as Roshan, Tormentors also present significant potential value that teams should harness early on, not as an afterthought.

And that's because these neutrals offer gold and Aghanim's Shard, the latter of which was an exclusive Roshan drop. That said, you'll need to take on the Tormentor in Dota 2 to unlock your hero's full potential.


What Is The Tormentor's Abilities In Dota 2?

The Tormentors have two passive abilities: Unyielding Shield and Reflect. You can learn more about each of these spells below.

Unyielding Shield

Unyielding Shield is a passive ability that provides a 2500 All Damage Barrier, regenerating at 100HP/s. Each time a Tormentor is defeated, its barrier strength and regeneration rate increase, making repeat battles incrementally more challenging—the regen rate increases by 100HP/s and the barrier strength by 200 per death.


Reflect is also a passive ability that evenly spreads damage received to all heroes. It's a powerful spell, reflecting 70% of received damage globally as magic damage. Each death of the Tormentor increases the damage reflected by 20%.

What Is The Best Way To Beat A Tormentor In Dota 2?


Ultimately, a team needs to output a sustained level of DPS to overcome the Tormentor's regeneration and damage barrier. In principle, the more heroes and illusions in the vicinity, the less damage each player has to endure, and the faster the Tormentor will fall.

Dota 2 heroes with high damage, magic resistance, or illusion creation are particularly useful. Note that Tormentors no longer consider illusions for the damage reflected after patch 7.33b. Illusions still receive damage but do not reduce the amount of damage taken by other units in the area. Also, Reflect always affects the attacking hero regardless of distance (sorry, Sniper players).

Where Can I Find A Tormentor In Dota 2?

There are two Tormentor locations in Dota 2, each located on the eastern and westernmost parts of the map near the offlane. They are relatively easy to spot, depicted by a chained cube-like object floating above a pit with various ancient inscriptions carved around it.

When the Tormentor is respawned, the shutters are closed. Both Radiant and Dire sides have access to these locations via Defender's Gates.


When Do Tormentors Spawn In Dota 2?

Tormentors initially spawn at the 20-minute mark and then respawn every 10 minutes post-defeat. Note that you cannot prevent these neutrals from spawning (like blocking the shutter gate before the spawn time). You also cannot cheese them by using allied units (like Nature's Prophet's treants) to damage them.

What Are The Rewards For Defeating A Tormentor In Dota 2?

Defeating a Tormentor grants an Aghanim's Shard to one of the two lowest net-worth players in a team who don't already possess it. If all players already have Aghanim's Shard upgrade, the entire team is rewarded with 280 gold and 280 XP.

And that's all. Tormentors represent a critical resource in Dota 2. The key to utilizing them effectively lies in timely engagement, teamwork, and strategy. Ensuring these neutral creep bosses don't become an afterthought can significantly impact the team's performance and the game's outcome.

We want to express our gratitude to the contributors of the Dota Fandom Wiki, whose valuable input has significantly enriched this guide. Likewise, we acknowledge the insightful contributions of YouTuber ZQuixotix. Their clear explanations have added depth to our understanding of this Dota 2 feature. We highly recommend checking out their video, which can be viewed below.