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Tundra Esports Victorious After Masterclass Performance At TI11

Tundra Esports beat Team Secret in a 3:0 clean sweep, making them Dota 2 The International 2022 grand champions!
Tundra Esports Victorious After Masterclass Performance At TI11

It's taken a year of hard work, perseverance, training, and mental fortitude to reach this moment. The International 2022, the epicenter for the highest caliber of talent and skill among Dota 2's professional players, has concluded. After weeks of nail-biting, thrilling games between multiple esports teams, only one has come out on top: Tundra Esports.

Tundra Esports faced Team Secret in the TI11 Grand Finals but triumphed over them after putting on an impeccable showcase of skill, finishing with a 3:0 clean sweep. As a result, Tundra Esports takes home over $8 million in prize pool earnings and the prestigious Aegis of Champions.

Tundra Esports Crowned The International 2022 Champions

tundra esports grand champions the international 2022
Tundra Esports are officially the grand champions of The International 2022.

Team Secret and Tundra Esports demonstrated exceptional Dota during The International 2022 Grand Finals at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 30th October 2022. However, it wasn't the first time the teams butted heads during the Playoffs. Tundra Esports first faced Team Secret in the Upper Bracket Finals after besting Team Aster 2-0.

The match, which determined who'd be moving forward to the Grand Finals, resulted in Team Secret losing and falling to the Lower Bracket Finals to compete against Team Liquid. However, Team Secret eventually triumphed against their opponent, beating Team Liquid 2:0 and inspiring new hope to take on their Upper Bracket rivals once again.

team secret lost game one tundra esports
Team Secret lost game one against Tundra Esports.

Unfortunately, Team Secret's redemption arc during the TI11 Grand Finals ended pretty quickly, losing against Tundra Esports in a 3-0 clean sweep. In the first game, Team Secret got demolished by Tundra Esports with a score difference of 14-39 across a forty-minute match after failing to keep up in group fights.

In addition, Tundra Esports boasted a powerful draft, using Tidehunder's Ravage for clash initiations, Naga Siren's Song of the Siren for escaping situations, and Mirana's Moonlight Shadow to creep into and out of battles. Altogether, Tundra Esports continuously caught Team Secret off guard and demolished them instantly, leaving them with no time to respond.

tundra esports won game two against team secret
Tundra Esports won game two against Team Secret.

Game 2 was a little different, though. Team Secret held pretty well against Tundra Esports and played safer than in the previous match. In saying so, this tactic allowed Tundra Esports to snowball and farm plenty of Gold, allowing them to gain an advantage over Team Secret in itemization. Tundra Esports eventually beat Team Secret with a score of 25-19 in a forty-minute match.

With one game on the line for Team Secret, it was a make-it-or-break-it situation. However, unfortunately for Team Secret, they didn’t "make it" quite far. Tundra Esports was better than Team Secret in nearly every respect, evidenced by their superior gameplay and in-game decisions. Despite Team Secret acquiring Marci, one of the most abused heroes in the tournament, they failed to make use of the character and fell behind Tundra Esports' impeccable performance.

Team Secret lost their third match against Tundra Esports with a score of 41-22. As a result, Tundra Esports went on to sweep Team Secret, winning The International 2022 with a final match score of 3-0 in the Grand Finals.

tundra esports swept team secret match score
Tundra Esports swept Team Secret with a match score of 3-0.

What an absolutely fantastic end to such a prestigious tournament filled with talent and personality. Until the next time, fans can hopefully see some of these faces again reappearing at The International 2023 next year. 

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All featured images are courtesy of Dota 2 and Valve / Twitter via Tundra Esports.