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Voice Actor May Have Accidentally Confirmed Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Character

Beloved non-canon Dragon Ball GT forms might actually make it into Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.
Voice Actor May Have Accidentally Confirmed Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Character
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Regular trailers have given fans small snippets of both the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero gameplay and some of the characters who will fill out the full roster. Up till now, one of the most notable absences was any sign of a Dragon Ball GT specific character. However, longtime voice actor Sean Schemmel may have just let the non-canon cat out of the bag at a recent panel.

Dragon Ball GT might actually make the Sparking Zero roster

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With each subsequent trailer and roster reveal, it had started to look like Dragon Ball Sparking Zero would stick exclusively to forms seen in only a few version of the decades old franchise. Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and the upcoming Dragon Ball DAIMA seemed to be the focus with two entire other shows left in the dark.

As of now, we still haven't gotten any confirmation of characters from the original Dragon Ball anime (pre-Z), but the non-canon sequel to Z is a different story. Sean Schemmel, most known for being the English voice actor for Goku, was recently part of a Dragon Ball Z cast panel at Anime Riverside 2024.

Schemmel was asked about finding each character's unique voice when reprising roles, and he went on to discuss the challenges of finding tiny nuances between the many iterations of Goku throughout the years. Several different Goku forms are already confirmed for the Sparking Zero roster, which Schemmel was likely referencing when he talked about "this last game we've been working on."

“I didn’t realize that subtly changing the voice for every single form was gonna bite me in the ass later, and so keeping track of all that for like Super Saiyan 4, Super Saiyan 3, God mode, Red, was all real subtle,” Schemmel explained. “Daman has been on top of keeping all my references in line. Going through making sure everything’s right. Really nitpicking it. It’s a very challenging thing to do, but it's really easy so long as you keep vocal references around because the second I can hear it, I can do it.”

He's referring here to Daman Mills, the voice actor for Frieza who also happens to be the lead voice director for Dragon Ball Sparking Zero. While they stopped short of saying the game's name out loud and fully confirming things, it's unlikely Schemmel would mention Super Saiyan 4 if the form won't end up a part of the game's roster.

We don't yet know what other Dragon Ball GT characters could make the cut, or even if these could be part of an unannounced DLC rather than part of the roster at launch, but there are plenty of options to go for. If this mention by Schemmel gets confirmed, it'll open up the possibility of characters like Baby, Super 17, Omega Shenron, and the ever unique Super Saiyan 4 design being playable.