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DragonBall FighterZ
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DragonBall FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ pro HookGangGod parts ways with NRG

Eduardo “HookGangGod” Deno has confirmed he’s no longer with NRG Esports, after rising through the ranks in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Known as one of the best Dragon Ball FighterZ players in North America, HookGangGod was signed to NRG alongside Steve “Supernoon” Carbajalm as the game’s competitive scene took off.  

It seems NRG is cutting ties with the title altogether though, with HookGangGod confirming he’s been released by the organisation following Supernoon’s dismissal in 2019.  

In a post on Twitter, HookGangGod wrote: “As of today I am no longer apart of @NRGgg. Wish them the best and appreciate the support they gave me.  

“Im interested in new opportunities for Gran blue Fantasy versus/DBFZ Season 3. Feel free to Email or DM me [sic].”

While HookGangGod is still considered a Top 10 player (via Shoryuken), his ranking has dropped throughout 2019 – having failed to qualify for the second Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals starting on 8 February. 

There’s still a chance he could attend the Last Chance Qualifier to bag the 16th seed of the tournament, although his involvement is yet to be confirmed.  

Despite HookGangGod’s dip in event attendance for Dragon Ball Fighter Z from the first to the second season, it seems the player is still interested enough to pursue the game’s third season – although we’ll have to see if he could switch full-time to the upcoming Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Without any Dragon Ball Fighter Z players, NRG’s only signed FGC representative is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada – who recently came out on top at Let’s Make Big Moves 2020.