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Dragon Ball Z Voice Actor Loses Appeal In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Dragon Ball Z voice actor Vic Mignogna has lost his court appeal over his defamation lawsuit regarding allegations of sexual harassment.
Dragon Ball Z Voice Actor Loses Appeal In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Vic Mignogna is a well-known English voice actor with notable work in several anime series, including Dragon Ball Z and Fullmetal Alchemist. He’s been voicing characters for twenty years. Still, only until 2019 did his career decline due to allegations of sexual misconduct. As a result, the voice actor filed a lawsuit and sued the accusers for defamation. 

On 18th August 2022, Vic Mignogna lost his appeal of the defamation lawsuit to sue the accusers for their allegations of sexual misconduct against them. The appealed case follows the voice actors' attempts to sue his former employer and the accusers, which the court later dismissed.

Dragon Ball Z Voice Actor Loses Court Appeal

vic mignogna accused sexual harassment
Vic Mignogna was accused of sexual harassment. (Picture: Twitter / Vic Mignogna)

Vic Mignogna lost the defamation lawsuit appeal last Thursday after The Court of Appeals in the Second Appellate District of Texas ruled against the voice actor, citing a lack of evidence proving the sexual misconduct allegations were false.

Instead, the court ruled Vic Mignogna to pay forward attorney fees of at least $250,000 for four defendants: Funimation, Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, and Ron Toye. 

This ruling comes after the voice actor had the original lawsuit dismissed by Texas State District Judge John P. Chupp and was ordered to pay attorney fees and sanctions totaling nearly $240,000.

vic mignogna lawsuit dismissed appeal lost
The court dismissed Vic Mignogna's initial lawsuit, and now he lost his appeal. (Picture: Twitter / Vic Mignogna)

The issues unfolded in January 2019 when Vic Mignogna was accused of sexual harassment online, and fellow voice actors Monica Rial and Jamie Marchie also backed these accusations.

This news came to light around the time of the #MeToo movement online and found the voice actor to be in the hot seat after both women posted their stories on Twitter.

Vic Mignogna denied any claims of sexual harassment or sexual assault, stating it was “completely utterly false.” However, in the following weeks, upon the allegations coming to light, Rooster Teeth, a video game company, and Funimation, the voice actors’ employer, parted ways after investigating the situation.

His lawsuit and appeal concentrated on clearing his name of these allegations and suing the accusers for defamation, but in his attempts, Vic Mignogna failed. 

The court appeal is a significant win for those affected by sexual harassment from the voice actor. It is undoubtedly a relief for Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial in these three years of legal turmoil and online bashing.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Vic Mignogna and Dragon Ball Super: Broly.