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SS4 Gogeta now available for DBFZ Season Pass 3 owners

Arguably the greatest Dragon Ball GT character, SS4 Gogeta, has entered Dragon Ball FighterZ as the final character for Season 3.
SS4 Gogeta now available for DBFZ Season Pass 3 owners

Dragon Ball GT’s most iconic warrior has arrived in Dragon Ball FighterZ. He brings an eclectic mix of fakeouts and flash air movement, but all eyes are on his instant kill Level 3 Super. As the last character of Season 3, SSJ4 Gogeta could also be the final fighter added to DBFZ.

SS4 Goteta in Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3

The final character for Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 3, SS4 Gogeta, is now available for Season Pass owners. Red Gogeta was revealed alongside Super Baby 2 as the year’s final addition. Initial reactions have been positive, with many claiming he appears just as powerful as Ultra Instinct Goku.

Aside from a cameo on GT Goku’s Level 3 Super, Gogeta is the only Super Saiyan 4 representative in FighterZ.

Season 3 Pass owners get three days of early access to Dragon Ball GT’s final form. Gogeta will become available for non-Season Pass owners on March 12th. 

SS4 Gogeta Dragon Ball FighterZ DBFZ Season 3 pass(Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Dragon Ball GT’s strongest fighter has a set of powerful character traits. SS4 Gogeta has two airdashes and a unique Finish Sign taunt that powers up his Level 3. When it reaches Level 7, x100 Big Bang Kamehameha will instantly kill the opponent. Lastly, his Plus Energy of Justice reversal will instantly grant Dragon Balls that contribute towards summoning Shenron.

Aside from his 19,980 damage Super, Gogeta has a very impressive combo game. He can get a flashy ground bounce with EX Lightning Hammer and use Ki Blasts and Meteor Strike after his Air Autocombo. West Coast DBFZ National Champion Johnathan "DeadZero" Tene has already begun optimizing routes using his double airdash.

SS4 Gogeta has two Supers. His Level 1 Super Maximum Impact doesn’t do a lot of damage, but it switches sides and shoves the opponent into the corner. His Level 3 Big Bang Kamehameha grows in damage with every use of Finish Sign.


SS4 Gogeta Dragon Ball FighterZ DBFZ Season 3 pass(Picture: Bandai Namco) 

It starts out at a decent 1654 damage scaled, but grows very slowly to 1924 at Level 6. The Level 7 instant kill is definitely worth saving up for. If SSJ4 Gogeta isn’t on the field, he can use his Finish Sign Assist to build a level and generate some meter.

SS4 Gogeta’s release signals an end to Dragon Ball FighterZ’s development. While fans are still hopeful for a fourth Season or a Rev 2 style re-release, Arc System Works will likely redirect talent to Guilty Gear Strive’s post-launch support or the still-under-wraps DFN Duel.

Gogeta’s placement on the character select screen - right in the middle separating heroes from villains - further points to the game’s finished development.