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All Dying Light 2 GRE Anomalies locations

GRE Anomalies are tough opponents as these nocturnal enemies guard a valuable asset that really makes that battle worth fighting.
All Dying Light 2 GRE Anomalies locations

Dying Light 2 has hit the ground running since it saw the light (pun intended) a couple of days ago and if you happen to run into a GRE anomaly at night you will be facing a very sturdy adversary. 

The game has really brought a fresh, yet sombre twist on the zombie genre and the community has had a warm welcome for it, even earning above average reviews from the toughest cavilers.

One of the new things that have revamped the game experience is the after-dark mini-bosses called GRE anomalies, which we will tell you where to find in order to obtain some very valuable collectables for your journey.

What are GRE Anomalies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

Dying light 2 anomalies locations GRE
Mini-bosses in Dying Light 2 hold valuable loot. (Picture: Techland)

GRE Anomalies are sort of mini-bosses within the Dying Light 2 universe that were affected by multiple chemical catastrophes that united in a very terrible and difficult enemy.

These creatures only appear at night in key locations throughout the map and they also protect a chest with one of the most valuable assets for you: Inhibitors.

Inhibitors will help you upgrade your health and stamina levels allowing you to take on more vigorous opponents or even greater hordes of enemies and battling all 12 GRE Anomalies will grant you plenty of these collectables.

Location for all GRE Anomalies in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 GRE Location Anomaly C-A-22
C-A-22 will be one, if not the hardest GRE Anomaly you will have to defeat. (Picture: Techland)

Here we share all 12 locations of GRE Anomalies in Dying Light 2:

  • GRE Anomaly C-A-22 in Houndfield
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-05 in Trinity
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-01 in Quarry End
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-79 in Downtown
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-83 in The Wharf
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-91 in Saint Paul Island
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-34 in Lower Dam Ayre
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-23 in Lower Dam Ayre
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-53 in Newfound Lost Lands
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-78 in Garrison
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-55 in Garrison
  • GRE Anomaly C-A-67 West of Garrison. Cross the river to find it.

You will be able to identify each of these locations with the map as they will be marked by a skull and after defeating each one you will get two Inhibitors and plenty of Combat XP that will allow you to develop your skill tree.

One more piece of advice, try to leave GRE Anomaly C-A-22 for last as it seems this one has brought the most adversity for gamers so it will be better if you arrive with the most health and stamina after you collect the rest of the Inhibitors.


Feature image courtesy of Techland