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Dying Light 2 - How to get Artifact Katana

Here's how to get the Artifact Katana in Dying Light 2. Being one of the best weapons in Dying Light 2, players will want to find this classic sword.
Dying Light 2 - How to get Artifact Katana

It's an exciting time in the world of gaming as Dying Light 2 is finally live on consoles after a long waiting period featuring multiple delays. The second of the Dying Light series, Techland's latest title is another action role-playing survival horror game with exciting gameplay elements and a compelling storyline.

Dying Light 2 players will need to fight against a zombie apocalypse and manage to stay human in the process. There are a number of weapons that can be crucial to success in your fight for humanity, so let us help out with the early stages of gameplay.

Here's how to get the Artifact Katana in Dying Light 2 after many players were wondering about the weapon.

A number of weapons are available to slice your way through combat. (Picture: Techland)

How to get Artifact Katana in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 offers a multitude of weapons for players to slice and dice their way to safety, specifically different types of blades. One of the best blades in the title is the Katana, though they aren't so easy to unlock.

With only a limited number of merchants selling these legendary swords, it can be hard and/or time-consuming to find one. But don't worry, Techland has provided players with a way to unlock a free Artifact Katana: the Enso Katana.

To unlock the Enso Katana, players need to head to Newfound Land, which is an unofficial zone on the map. The Enso Katana can be found inside a Sunken Airdrop, directly South of the first safe zone in Newfound Land.

Here's a detailed map location showing where you need to go to find the Enso Katana in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Enso Katana map location
The exact map location to find the Enso Katana in Dying Light 2. (Picture: Techland / Jimmy Donnellan via Cultured Vultures)

One of the Artifact Katanas in Dying Light 2, the Enso Katana can deal massive damage and also regenerates health each time you block an attack (dealing increased damage to the infected). The Enso Katana contains three mod-slots for the following customizations: Tip, Shaft, and Grip.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland / Featured content is courtesy of Cultured Vultures.