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How to unlock crossbow in Dying Light 2

The crossbow is a powerful but rare ranged weapon in Dying Light 2. Here’s how you can unlock it.
How to unlock crossbow in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2: Stay Human features a massive open-world playground backed by a solid parkour system, a major satisfying step up from its 2015 predecessor.

Techland's latest entry not only improves upon the original game's combat in every aspect but add nuances, which provide unique gameplay experiences for every player.

While the absence of guns in Dying Light 2 may seem like a missed opportunity for players who preferred the original's ranged combat, there's still plenty here to keep them hooked.

The crossbow is a rare and powerful ranged weapon in Dying Light 2. Here's how you can unlock it.

How to unlock the Crossbow in Dying Light 2

Sadly, getting your hands on a crossbow in Dying Light 2 will likely not happen within the first 15-20 hours of playing; however, this does depend on how many GRE quarantine and GRE anomalies stops you make before focusing on the main quests.

how to unlock crossbow dying light 2
Players can obtain the crossbow through Dying Light 2's city alignment system. (Picture: Techland)

After finishing the "Water Tower" story quest, you will gain access to the city alignment system of Dying Light 2. Every water tower you unlock can be assigned to Peacekeepers or Survivors, two of the game's factions.

Once you finish the story quest "Let's Waltz!" and unlock the second part of the game's map, you can also start unlocking and assigning various electrical stations to either of the two factions.

Assigning facilities to Peacekeepers reward you with more combat opportunities, whereas assigning facilities to Survivors reward you with more parkour opportunities. 

unlock crossbow dying light 2 stay human
Crossbows can help you better fend off hordes of the infected in Dying Light 2. (Picture: Techland)

You can unlock the semi-automatic crossbow after assigning four facilities to the Peacekeeper. It's the only way to get this unique ranged weapon in Dying Light 2.

There are seven facilities in the game, and you must assign at least four of them to the Peacekeepers. This makes getting the crossbow a double-edged sword for players who morally support the Survivor's beliefs and perspectives in the game.

While Techland may add more crossbows to the game in future DLCs or expansions, the only way to snag one right now is by favouring Peacekeepers.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock the crossbow. Make sure to check our dedicated Dying Light 2 section for more news, features, and guides.


Featured image courtesy of Techland.