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E3 2019: Ubisoft panel roundup

Ubisoft have shown off some of their future offerings at E3 2019, following a dramatic orchestral Assassin's Creed opening.

Below, we've detailed the biggest points of Ubisoft's press conference in a handy list for you to peruse.

Gods & Monsters

  • Launches February 25 2020
  • Greek hero RPG by the Assassins Creed Odyssey creators
  • Looks similar to a Zelda-type game aesthetically

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Quarantine

  • New Rainbow Six game available on PS4, Xbox One and PC in 2020
  • Not much details, but it will be 3v3 co-op missions
  • Is based around alien parasites infecting humans, which explains the Quarantine title

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad

  • Another Tom Clancy feature, this time for mobile
  • Brings together a whole host of Tom Clancy characters in a 5v5 shooter

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

  • The final Tom Clancy announcement, featuring Jon Bernthal as a villain leader
  • Beta is available from September 5, with full launch on October 4

Watchdogs Legion

  • The second Watchdogs instalment travels to post-Brexit Britain (is post-Brexit the new post-apocalyptic?)
  • Launching March 6 2020
  • Ubisoft showed an in-depth gameplay demo, with a whole host of playable characters – which, ultimately, is the USP of Watchdogs Legion
  • Ubisoft revealed that the aim of the game is build a resistance against the corruption in London. Any NPC can be recruited and controlled, with every character being fully simulated

The rest

  • Roller Champions is basically Rocket League with rollerblades, which can't really be a bad thing. There is no launch date yet but there will be an open beta from June 10-14
  • Uplay Plus is a Ubisoft subscription service, offering a massive catalogue of Ubisoft games for ÂŁ14.99 a month. The service will be available from September 2019 and is confirmed to be available on Google Stadia
  • Adventure Time characters Finn and Jake have come to Brawlhalla, with the update available to download imminently.

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