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EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: Everything You Need to Know

The EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode comes with new and improved features for both Managers and Players. Here's everything you need to know about it.
EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode: Everything You Need to Know

We have a lot to discuss thanks to the launch of a deep dive video from EA Sports FC 24 on the game’s Career mode. According to the video, having control of situations and players will become a huge part of the game. This will affect both Manager and Player careers, granting more options to use management skills. Here are all the new features in the EA FC 24 Career Mode.

EA Sports FC 24 Manager Career Mode Features

Jurgen Klopp giving orders from sidelines in EA FC 24
New Manager Career mode features. (Picture: EA)

The Manager Career mode in EA Sports FC 24 will offer a lot of new features to improve the overall control of their club’s tactical style and player development, enhancing the Manager Career experience and offering more immersive and engaging gameplay. Here are the major features you will see in the new game:

  • Customizable Tactical Styles: In Football Club 24 (FC 24), players can shape the tactical style of their club, just like real-world managers such as Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and Jurgen Klopp. They can draw inspiration from popular playstyles like “Park the bus” and “Gegenpressing” and then customize and develop these tactics to suit their personal preferences.
  • Coaches and Player Development: FC 24 introduces coaches to help players bring their tactical vision to life. These coaches have a significant impact on how well the team learns the chosen tactics and how individual players develop. Each coach provides bonuses in specific areas like attacking, defending, midfield, and goalkeeping, leading to better attribute boosts for the players. Players can rearrange coaches and manage their workload to optimize player development based on their team’s needs.
  • Enhanced Match Preparation: The game emphasizes preparation, offering three new features for match preparation in Manager Career mode. First, they redesigned training plans to be more accessible, helping players keep their team in top physical condition. Second, pre-match reports enable players to understand their opponents better, allowing them to adjust tactics for a competitive advantage. Third, match-ready training offers training drills that unlock one-time PlayStyles for players to utilize during the actual matches, significantly impacting their performance.
  • Spectator Mode and Tactical Adjustments: In Manager Career mode, players have the option to spectate matches focusing on a specific player. Users can also watch the entire game as if they are in the stands or on the touchline as the manager. Even while spectating, players can make tactical adjustments, adding another layer of immersion and control over the team’s performance.

EA Sports FC 24 Player Career Mode Features

Player Career mode Features
New Player Career mode features. (Picture: EA)

Similar to what we see in Manager Career mode, the Player Career mode will also offer tons of new features. The interesting ones, like the player agent, career path objectives, reimagined Player Career personality with PlayStyles, and enhanced camera perspectives, aim to provide players with a more engaging and immersive experience as they pursue their dream of becoming a football club legend.

  • Player Agent and Career Path Objectives: In Player Career mode of FC 24, players have the opportunity to become a club legend for their dream team. To achieve this, the game introduces a player agent as a guide throughout the player’s career journey. Players can communicate their goals to the agent, and in return, the agent provides step-by-step guidance to reach those objectives. These career path objectives act as clear targets for players to accomplish, making their move to their dream club possible.
  • Reimagined Player Career Personality and PlayStyles: According to the deep dive video, the developers have redone the Player Career personality feature in FC 24 to focus on PlayStyles. Players will have choices on and off the field that influence their playing style. Different personality tiers unlock various PlayStyles tailored to the player’s personality type. Reaching the top tier of a personality unlocks a PlayStyle+ that elevates one of the player’s signature abilities to a world-class level move. This makes the PlayStyles more immersive and enhances the player’s experience during key moments of the match.
  • New Camera for One-on-One Situations: A new camera perspective is there to enhance immersion in Player Career mode. They have specifically designed it for one-on-one situations with opponents. This camera angle provides players with a more immersive view during crucial moments of the match, putting them at the center of attention.

Apart from the features above, the Player and Manager Career modes also share a common feature called Expanded Dynamic Moments. FC 24 includes expanded dynamic moments to celebrate players’ successes.

Famous celebratory scenes, such as trophy bus parades and end-of-year award ceremonies, are part of the game. This adds a sense of grandeur and recognition to players’ achievements, creating a more rewarding and memorable gaming experience.

That sums up all the features in the Manager and Player Career mode in EA Sports FC 24.