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All EA Sports FC 24 Icons

We have the names and stats for the new EA Sports FC 24 Icons. Let's take a look at them.
All EA Sports FC 24 Icons

In EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team, you can create your squad with your favorite players, even those who have a legendary status in football history. While EA officially released the player ratings, they haven't given any information about the Icons coming to the game. Thanks to trustworthy leaks, we have the full list of Icons with their stats.

All Icons in EA Sports FC 24

Some interesting Icon cards are coming to EA FC 24.
Some interesting Icon cards are coming to EA FC 24. (Picture: EA)

Icons are special cards that represent the legendary players of the game. EA introduces these cards to Ultimate Team, but they usually have an extremely high price tag. Here are some of the exciting Icon cards leaked by FutSheriff and FUT Scoreboard.

  • Frank Ribery (Icon Rating: 88): Ribery, a beloved FIFA veteran, joins FC 24 with an 88 rating and an instant five-star skill and weak foot rating. He will attract some attention in the starting phases of the game.
  • Mia Hamm (Icon Rating: 93): FC 24 welcomes its first women's icon, Mia Hamm, with a 93 rating for five-star skills and weak foot. Her stats, including 92 Pace, 93 Shooting, and 92 Dribbling, are comparable to the best players in the game's history. We expect a hefty price tag on her card.
  • Zico (Icon Rating: 91): Another five-star, five-star icon, Zico has incredible stats like 89 Pace, 92 Shooting, 91 Passing, and 91 Dribbling. He has near-perfect stats to resemble a top Brazilian footballer.
  • Bobby Charlton (Icon Rating: 92): Bobby Charlton's icon card shines with a 92 rating, featuring balanced attributes. You can't go wrong with 90 Pace, 91 Shooting, and 91 Dribbling.
  • Birgit Prinz (Icon Rating: 92): Birgit Prinz is another top women's card in the game. She has 88 Physical and 92 Shot, making her a tough personality on the pitch.
  • Homare Sawa (Icon Rating: 91): Former Japanese player Sawa has brilliant numbers with 87 Shot, 90 Pass, and 90 Dribbling. Those stats are amazing for a central midfielder.
  • Camille Abily (Icon Rating: 90): French midfielder Abily will also join the Icons and feature some of the best passing stats of 90, combined with 89 Dribbling and 89 Shot, we have a solid CM.
  • Kelly Smith (Icon Rating: 89): A balanced card with 88 Pace, 90 Shot, 84 Pass, and 89 Dribbling. Kelly Smith is a prolific striker Icon in the game.

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