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EA Sports FC 2023: New European Stadiums Coming Soon

Below we'll discuss the exciting news floating around of two new European stadiums that will supposedly be coming to EA Sports FC 2023.
EA Sports FC 2023: New European Stadiums Coming Soon

EA Sports FC is rising quickly from the ashes of EA's separation from FIFA, and one aspect that many are excited about is the arrival of two major European stadiums now that EA has their contracts to themselves. If you're unfamiliar with this news or want to know more about these two stadiums and their arrival in EA Sports FC, then keep reading.

Below we've broke down everything you need to know about the new European Stadiums coming to EA Sports FC and the details surrounding their arrival, such as an estimated release date and more. So without further delay, let's kick off. 

EA Sports FC 2023 - New Eurpoean Stadiums Coming Soon

Last year, EA made an announcement regarding exclusive license deals with Celtic and Rangers, the two prominent teams in the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League).

EA Sports FC 2023 New European Stadiums Thanks to EA License
Thanks to a recently acquired license, EA can finally bring some popular stadiums to the game. (Picture: EA)

Previously, these clubs were contracted to Konami and PES, which resulted in their stadiums being unavailable to EA. However, it seems all that will change as EA announced their agreements with the clubs last year.

Unfortunately, much to the disappointment of Celtic and Rangers fans, the deals were finalized too late to be implemented in FIFA 23, leading to the continued presence of generic stadiums. But now, there are indications of a change, as EA Sports FC 24 is expected to feature Celtic Park and Ibrox for the first time.

EA Sports FC 2023 New European Stadiums Celtic Park and Ibrox
The new stadiums in question are Celtic Park and Ibrox, which we expect to arrive soon. (Picture: EA)

Both of these stadiums are renowned for their vibrant atmosphere and sporting excellence, and rumors have been circulating about their inclusion in the game. Fans of both clubs are eagerly anticipating this significant moment.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it appears increasingly likely that these iconic football arenas will be added to EA Sports FC 24. As for the other teams in the SPFL, it remains to be seen if there will be further expansion in terms of licensed stadiums.

EA Sports FC 2023 New European Stadiums Likely in FC 2023
It's likely that these new stadiums will arrive early in FC 2024. (Picture: EA)

Most Scottish football fans acknowledge the pull of Rangers and Celtic, but the inclusion of more stadiums would be welcomed by all. EA's extensive license portfolio, as demonstrated by the official stadium scans for all Premier League teams, provides an opportunity to bring numerous other footballing arenas to life.

For now, the only confirmed addition is Kenilworth Road, the home stadium of Luton Town. But as always, be sure to check back here soon as we get more news on the possible arrival of Celtic Park and Ibrox to EA Sports FC.