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EA Sports FC 2023 Screenshots Leak Online

EA Sports FC 2023 Screenshots Leak Online

They shoot, but do they score? The first screenshots of EA Sports FC 2023 have leaked online thanks to a Twitter user, and they reveal some new features coming to the game. 

While to an untrained eye, this may seem extremely similar to FIFA, there are a couple of interesting details that set it apart. For starters, the game will have the option to show possession statistics in-game, which also suggests that players may be able to see various other statistics in the game.

Another leak from the game indicates what exactly the already leaked Hypermotion Volumetric Technology is. According to the same source as the above leak, the new technology will use 590 million frames of advanced 11 vs 11 game capture, which is 80 times as much as that used in FIFA 23. Obviously, we don't really know how that will look in action, however, especially since we don't yet have a trailer for the game, nor a release date.