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EA FC 24 Web App Release Time: When Does Web App Link Go Live?

As we draw closer to the release of EA Sports FC 24 fans will be eagerly awaiting the launch of the accompanying Web application. Here is everything you need to know about the launch.
EA FC 24 Web App Release Time: When Does Web App Link Go Live?

There is a whole host of things to get excited about as we approach the official release of EA sports FC 24. Although the game goes by a different name these days, most of the standard practices remain the same for the popular football game. One of those staples, of course, being the Web App that is released alongside the main game. Below you will find a brief summary on when we can expect the Web App to go live for EA Sports FC 24.

What Time Does The EA Sports FC 24 Web App Release?

For EA FC fans wondering when the web app will be released, the good news is that you will not have to wait for very long. The web app will launch on September 20, followed up by the Mobile Companion App's release on the 21st. These release dates have been confirmed thanks to a blog post from EA Sports. We are not entirely sure what time the web app will go live. However, judging by the in-game event clock in FIFA 23, and past releases, we expect that the web app will go live around 6pm UK Time

This means that EAFC fans will have plenty of time to start grinding away at all of the early game sbcs and objectives so that you can begin building your ultimate team. However, you will not be able to use your players until the game's official release on September 29. But, for those of you who have, or are planning on purchasing, the Ultimate Edition you will not have to wait too much longer to start playing the game, as this version will launch on September 22.

Time Until EA FC 24 Web App Goes Live

What Is The EA FC 24 Web App Link

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Web App can be accessed here. For now, it will display a holding page, but the page should change over following the release of the new web app for users later today.

Why Can't I Login To EA FC 24 Web App

If you're having trouble logging into the EA FC 24 Web App, just keep in mind that it may not be possible for everyone to access the Web App. For those who don't know, EA will take your account history from FIFA 23 into consideration when it comes to letting you log in early.

To access the EA FC 24 Web App, you must have played FIFA 23 and logged in to Ultimate Team before August 1, 2023. Additionally, your FIFA 23 account must still be active. If you have deleted your FIFA 23 club, you will not be able to access the EA FC 24 Web App. Moreover, if you were banned or faced any action against your account in FIFA 23, you may not be granted access to the Web App.

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