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EA Sports College Football 25 Dynasty Mode Features, Latest News

Build your program from the ground up in EA Sports College Football 25 Dynasty mode.
EA Sports College Football 25 Dynasty Mode Features, Latest News
EA Sports

For many who have anxiously awaited the return of the NCAA franchise, nothing will be more important than EA Sports College Football 25 Dynasty Mode. Whether you're looking to make your alma mater into the most dominant program in history or hoping to ride the coaching carousel to individual legacy, the grind is coming back.

With the EA Sports College Football 25 release date still a ways out, new details about Dynasty Mode features will continue to land in the coming weeks. Here's everytyhing we know so far about how College Football 25 Dynasty Mode will work.

EA Sports College Football 25 Dynasty Mode Features

CFB25_Pre-Snap Recognition2

While official details from EA Sports have been a bit scarce so far, and there's surely plenty more to come, tons of Dynasty Mode features have been confirmed already. Multiple outlets attended a press preview of the game recently, and reporting from Uproxx, The Athletic, and others have given fans plenty to look forward to.

Players will begin Dynasty Mode as either a head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator using archetypes of motivator, recruitor, or tactician. With a coaching carousel each season, you'll have the option to focus on a specific program or try to improve and move elsewhere.

There are a few realism gaps as they didn't snag an ESPN license, and as a result won't have College Gameday, but for the most part they've gone above and beyond to recreate the atmosphere and traditions of all 134 schools in EA Sports College Football 25. Online Dynasty will be available, but it won't have crossplay this year and you'll be limited to 32 or fewer user-controlled teams.

Team Builder & Customization

While very little has been shown about Team Builder just yet, EA Sports has confirmed that full team and school customization will be an option using an external website. The Team Builder site is expected to be revealed this summer as the release date draws near, but we already know uniforms, helmets, and fields will be customizable. They'll also have a community download system where you can use creations from other players.

Sadly you won't be able to create conferences from scratch in Dynasty Mode, so reviving old ones isn't an option, but the existing conferences are flexible. Players can change conference rules and shift teams around between them. Schedules will also be very customizable, but conference games are locked to keep a layer of realism with real-world scheduling.

One big thing you won't be able to do is edit players. Due to licensing and likeness risks of people just adding the players who didn't opt-in for the game, editing options for specific players will be extremely limited. Similarly, draft classes will not be exportable into Madden 25 Franchise Mode.

Recruiting & Transfer Portal

Your primary focus outside of managing your existing team and winning games will be continuing to build a roster that makes those wins possible. Recruiting is expected to be extremely deep with 4,000 prospects and multiple stages in scouting.

Some players will be difficult to land if you're still building up a lower tier program, and skill levels will vary widely. Athletes return as recruits that could have the ability to play two or three different position, and every potential addition will have specific things they're looking for in a school.

The Transfer Portal will also be a huge piece of Dynasty Mode, as it'll be available every offseason and could see you both gain and lose pieces of your roster. When trying to acquire players, they'll consider multiple factors including: Brand Exposure, potential playing time, a program's history of sending players to the NFL, and proximity to home.