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Madden 25 Franchise Mode Upgrade Leaked

Leaked upgrade coming to Madden 25 Franchise Mode addresses a constant complaint.
Madden 25 Franchise Mode Upgrade Leaked
GINX/Patches Chance

While we haven't gotten any formal announcements yet for Madden 25, a major change has already been leaked far ahead of the next installment. Madden always has room for improvement, but one of the most frequently criticized features is commentary.

As a major part of the presentation package in past games and in the upcoming Madden 25 Franchise Mode, upgrades here would be pivotal. Fortunately, relief is on the way in the form of a massive commentary upgrade when the game finally arrives.

Commentary upgrade for Madden 25 leaks

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We likely won't see any official reveals for Madden 25 until June of 2024, including whether or not they'll actually go with that name or something slightly different like Madden 2025. However, we do know that a major presentation is on the way in the form of a commentary upgrade for Franchise Mode and hopefully the entire game.

Longtime fans of the series have long complained about how repetetive the commentary can become, and turning it off entirely in settings isn't uncommon for some players. However, we now have some clarity on improvements in recent years and what's coming in the future thanks to longtime Madden play-by-play commentator Charles Davis.

In a recent interview, Davis first called out how repetetive commentary had been in the game years ago. However, in recent years they've pushed to have Charles Davis and fellow commentator Brandon Gaudin to come into the studio on Monday and Tuesday after games to record even more new commentary which would be added into the game that same week.

EA seems acutely aware of the criticism the game's commentary and how formulaic it can feel, and they're making a big change in Madden 25 by introducing multiple commentary teams. While Charles Davis didn't clarify how many or really any other details on how that'll look, an option to chose different commentary teams would be huge for the series.

We could just see a selection of two or four different commentary duos that bounce off each other and rotate or are selected by game, but we'll have to wait until more is revealed this summer. For both new and returning players, this kind of refresh bodes well for the potential that Madden 25 has to move past some of the franchise flaws.