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EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory Features, Latest Career Mode News

Become the nation's fastest rising star in EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory.
EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory Features, Latest Career Mode News
EA Sports

The journey towards immortality is finally coming back as EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory looks to provide the immersive collegiate career mode many have been clamoring for. After more than a decade without this beloved franchise, gamers can take a freshman prospect all the way to becoming a Hall of Fame caliber legend.

With the EA Sports College Football 25 release date still some weeks out, we'll continue to learn more and get deep dives into exactly how the Road to Glory experience will play out. For now, here's everything we've learned is coming to EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory.

EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory Features


Players looking to handle a full program or build their coaching legacy will head to Dynasty Mode, but EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory is where a Hall of Fame career begins. The single player career mode from the former NCAA franchise returns in this reboot, and players will be challenged to balance every aspect of a successful college football career.

An extensive deep dive into Road to Glory is expected from EA Sports as the College Football 25 release date draws near. In the interim, we've already been able to confirm multiple features based on the closed press previews from multiple outlets including Uproxx and The Athletic.

Positions & Time Management

You'll be able to play as a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, middle linebacker, or cornerback in Road to Glory. There's no high school mechanic this time around, so you'll choose your own level of challenge by starting at one of four recruit tiers with different initial overall ratings:

  • 5-Star Recruit - 79 OVR
  • 4-Star Recruit - 75 OVR
  • 3-Star Recruit - 70 OVR
  • 2-Star Recruit - 65 OVR

Once you have a home, Road to Glory is about balancing Academics, Leadership, Health, Training, and your Brand. That last one fills the space that the ever-evolving landscape of NIL deals in college football currently occupies.

Much of this will be time management as you pinpoint how many hours to dedicate to studying so you don't risk becoming academically ineligible to play. Peer pressure is real in College Football 25, as some weeks you may be given the option of choosing a team bonding activity that risks you failing an important test.

You'll also be working physically to keep up, with the new Wear & Tear System affecting injury risks both in games and during training. They've also included minigames for position battles as you try to fight up the depth chart for a starting spot.

Chasing History & Madden 25

Once you're consistently hitting the field, Road to Glory will come down to managing your full collegiate tenure. Redshirt seasons will be an option, but it strictly sticks to the four or fewer games rule. You technically can't choose to redshirt, but a freshman injury or tanking practices so you don't get much playing time is likely to trigger it.

Long term, you'll be looking at building up your player week by week and chasing all sorts of records. The game will be deep when it comes to milestones as everything from making All-Conference and All-America teams to breaking national, conference, and school specific records will be tracked.

If you're not happy with your current school, the Transfer Portal will be available each season. This could be a chance for a fresh start, but the coaching carousel is also active in Road to Glory and players may choose to follow their coach to a new school.

Finally, while details are slim, it has happily been confirmed that EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory will link directly with Madden 25 Superstar Mode. After completing a prolific college career, you'll be able to upload your Road to Glory player into Superstar Mode and build a decades long football legacy.