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Can your College Football 25 player upload to Madden 25?

Will you be able to upload an EA Sports College Football 25 Road to Glory player into Madden 25 Superstar Mode?
Can your College Football 25 player upload to Madden 25?
EA Sports

With the release of EA Sports College Football 25 now just a few short months away, new details are beginning to roll in about all the different game modes. Some fans will only be fixated on Dynasty Mode, but Road to Glory and experience of building your career from the ground up is sure to be a pillar for most. One of the biggest details we're finally getting confirmation on is whether or not College Football 25 Road to Glory will link up with Madden 25 Superstar Mode when it arrives later this year.

Can you upload a College Football 25 player to Madden 25?

CFB25_Road to Glory _TravisHunter__Interception_vsTCU

Yes, as confirmed by multiple outlets that attended an early press and creator preview of EA Sports College Football 25, there will be a link between that game and Madden 25. There are some restrictions in Dynasty Mode around the editing of players, and draft classes cannot be uploaded this year because of licensing technicalities.

However, your custom player in Road to Glory will be able to essentially graduate from College Football 25 and be uploaded to continue their career in Madden 25 Superstar Mode. When Madden 25 was first announced, pre order details mentioned some bonuses for Superstar Mode that are Xbox Series X|S and PS5 exclusive, and this further confirms new gen copies will link to College Football 25.

The game will include a red-shirt freshman year option, so at most you'll likely get five seasons. However, they're sticking to a level of realism with that red-shirt year being strict in how many games you can play that first year to still qualify for the fifth season. From there, players should be able to upload to Madden 25 Superstar Mode once that game is released this August.

While there is some crossplay, Dynasty Mode is limited to the same console family. We don't yet know if there will be any restrictions where you can't upload a PS5 College Football 25 player to an Xbox Series X|S copy of Madden 25, but it's possible the saves will need to be unified on the exact same console. Additional information and specifics will become available in the coming weeks.