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How To Recruit Hakugin In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Hakugin is an effective kunoichi to have in your party, but she has a specific requirement before joining.
How To Recruit Hakugin In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
Rabbit & Bear Studios, Alexandra Hobbs

In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, players must search for and recruit a huge array of allies. Some will join at the drop of a hat, whereas others have specific requirements. This is true for Hakugin, who says she'll only join Nowa's alliance if she's asked by her old sparring parter and rival.

Who Is Hakugin's Old Sparring Partner & Rival In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

Talk to Hakugin with Mio in your party. (Picture: Rabbit & Bear Studios, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

When trying to recruit Hakugin, she'll give you a hint of who her old sparring partner and rival is. She'll tell you it's a woman, and that she's from the East Reach. Luckily, you should have access to the character she's refering to already.

Speak to Hakugin with Mio in your party. If you don't have Mio with you, you can head into any inn and reform your party. Return to Hakugin and the two characters will have a heated conversation. You'll find out that Hakugin came all the way out to Daphan Village to find Mio.

After the discussion, Hakugin will say she's ready to join the alliance if Mio allows it. However, Mio will defer to you, where you can agree to let Hakugin join.

Should You Have Hakugin In Your Party?

Hakugin is an effective member to have in your party if you're looking for a good medium range fighter. Her weapon of choiuce is the Botan, that allows her to throw knives at enemies. The Runes she'll have unlocked from the start is the Rune of Sidewinder, a decent attack that targets one enemy.

However, if you level her up a little bit more, she'll unlock a new Rune slot with the Rune of Shadow Clone automatically assigned. This is a great attack that targets a whole row of enemies for decent damage. 

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