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Where To Find Rune Of Currents In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

The Rune of Currents is a key item for recruiting Code L in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.
Where To Find Rune Of Currents In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
Rabbit & Bear Studios, Alexandra Hobbs

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes has plenty of potential allies for players to recruit to the Alliance. While some will join up with the drop of a hat, others require something from Nowa and friends before they offer up their services. This is true for Code L, found in Daphan Village.

Code L asks Nowa to help him find the Rune of Currents as he's an avid Rune collector and enthusiast. But, he doesn't really give Nowa much to go on to locate the item. 

Rune Of Currents Location In Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

The Rune of Currents drops from a boss in Hishahn Old Town. (Picture: Rabbit & Bear Studios, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

It's good news for completionists. The Rune of Currents is an unmissable drop as you can pick it up naturally as you progress through the story. Hishahn's leader, Euma has a big decision to make, whether to surrender to Dux Aldrich or fight against him. But one of Euma's aides, Harlan, is aggressively pushing for the former, which doesn't convince the rest of the royal party. 

Melridge encourages the Nowa and friends to investigate a property that Harlan recently purchased in the mostly-destroyed Lost Town. As you make your way through to Harlan's estate, you'll eventually come face to face with a boss fight — Pagurian. This fight isn't too difficult, especially if you make use of its gimmicks.

Hand over the Rune of Currents to Code L and he'll join up with the Alliance. (Picture: Rabbit & Bear Studios, screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs)

Once you've defeated Pagurian, it'll drop the Rune of Currents. Once you're done with Lost Town, head back to Daphan Village and hand the rune over to Code L. He'll then agree to join the Alliance, and you'll be able to use him to open up a rune shop in your HQ.

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