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All confirmed Elden Ring classes

Just like Dark Souls games, Elden Ring will feature an intricate class system, allowing players to choose between several distinctive starting classes to suit their preferred playstyle. Here are all confirmed Elden Ring classes that will appear in the Elden Ring Network Test build of the game.
All confirmed Elden Ring classes

The hype around Elden Ring, the next action RGP from the masters of the genre, FromSoftware, is slowly starting to build up as we are learning more about the game.

Last week we learned the first details about the game's world and gameplay mechanics thanks to the first-ever Elden Ring gameplay footage, which was followed by the announcement of the Elden Ring Network Test, set to kick off later this month for console players.

With the network test on the horizon, the developers have revealed yet more information about the game -- this time around the game's class system.

What classes you can play in Elden Ring Network Test?

FromSoftware has confirmed that those that get access to the Network Test will be able to play as five different classes.

These five classes are: Warrior, Enchanted Knight, Prophet, Champion, and Bloody Wolf, with players able to play them as both male or females.

As expected from a FromSoftware game and one which is a spiritual sequel to the Dark Souls series, the design of these classes is far removed from what you usually think of when talking about class systems in role-playing games.

All confirmed Elden Ring classes
The Prophet probably has a lot of neck-pain issues. (Picture: FromSoftware)

This diverse bunch of characters look quite intriguing in their own way, and given that we lack any other information on them asides from images of the 3D models, we can only speculate what their roles and subsequent playstyles will be, made more tricky, due to the unorthodox look and names given to Elden Ring classes.

The Prophet class definately catch the eye with their monk-like robes, blindfolds, huge wooden clubs, and a strange wheel shaped brace around their necks, you're left wondering what the heck all that is about.

The Enchanted Knight sounds like a battle mage, while Warriors will probably be nimble, light armoured fighters, based on their appearance. The scantily clad Champions look like the Barbarians from Diablo games, and when it comes to the Bloody Wolf, we honestly have no idea who they might be.

What classes you can play in Elden Ring Network Test?
The Bloody Wolf is the biggest mystery to us. (Picture: FromSoftware)

While these five classes will be available during the network test, we are sure that the final product will have more options at our disposal, given that the trilogy of Dark Soul games launched with ten classes.

The Elden Ring Network Test is set to run from 12th November until 15th November 2021, and the full game is scheduled to release on 25th February 2022


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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.