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Elden Ring Boss Guide: How To Beat Malenia

Here, we will go over what you need to do to beat Malenia in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring Boss Guide: How To Beat Malenia

Elden Ring was released in 2022, and players all over the world loved the game for various reasons. One of the main reasons why players flocked to this game is because it was developed by FromSoftware, developers who are notorious for making hard games. And Elden Ring is that, a very difficult game to beat.

One boss in Elden Ring is harder than the rest and truly personifies how hard the game really is. Malenia Blade of Miquella is statistically the hardest boss in the game. Players have lost to her over 300 million times and for a good reason. Here, we are going to go over what you need to do to beat Malenia.

How To Beat Malenia In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Malenia Fight Guide
Malenia is regarded as the most difficult boss in Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Malenia will, without a doubt, test your patience and test your ability to dodge. Getting hit even once can be extremely dangerous, as her combos can absolutely shred your HP, even if you have high defenses. If you want to dodge her attacks, dodging toward the side is the way to go, as she will have a harder time tracking you. Plus, dodging is very important because her landing any attacks, even through blocks, will heal her.

As for attacking, you will need to be brave because Malenia has surprisingly low poise. You can interrupt a good amount of her attacks so long as you land your hits. Just remember that if she jumps in the air, it is time to run because that combo is almost guaranteed to kill you. Find moments where she is not attacking and take advantage of that. You can actually parry her attacks as well if you are feeling brave. Players can riposte as well every third parry. If you want to create even more space, use a summon to distract her. Malenia is also weak to bleed, fire, and ice attacks.

How To Beat Malenia Phase 2 In Elden Ring

Elden Ring Malenia Fight Guide
Phase 2 of the Malenia fight will make the fight much harder. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Even if you manage to defeat Malenia, the fight is not over. She will transform, and the fight will get a lot harder. The main reason is the presence of Scarlet Rot which will chip away at your HP if you are not careful. If she inflicts Scarlet Rot on you, you need to heal that immediately, as you will not survive an attack from Malenia with that status inflicted on you.

Malenia will have a large area of effect attack where she is surrounded by flower petals that lash out. That is the big Scarlet Rot attack that you need to look out for. Run away, avoid it, and then run back in because she will be vulnerable after this attack. You will want to attack her mostly after she jumps in the air and lands on the ground. Dodge everything you can, as nearly all of her combos are deadly. Be patient, make sure you are at full HP, and take advantage of her gaps to beat Malenia.

Check out this video by Shirrako on YouTube to see what the full fight against Malenia looks like.