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Best Early Game Weapons In Elden Ring

Your journey in The Lands Between won't be too hard when defeating enemies by acquiring these best early-game weapons in Elden Ring.
Best Early Game Weapons In Elden Ring

Starting in Elden Ring seems less intimidating when beginning your quest to become Elden Lord, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be equipped with powerful weapons. A few weapons are to be found in Limgrave, and neighboring Weeping Peninsula can be utilized in most builds and for different playstyles.

Not all starting weapons are difficult to locate; however, some are behind Field and World Bosses and enemies, but which should you invest in locating in The Lands Between? We've explored to determine the five best-starting weapons and their locations in Elden Ring.

Five Best Early Game Weapons In Elden Ring

As plenty of adequate weapons are within reach, they require adding a few Attribute points to meet the weapon’s scaling requirements. Additionally, there are other noteworthy starting weapons that you can seek out when exploring Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula:

  • Bloodhound’s Fang: A curved blade dealing melee damage which can be acquired after defeating e Bloodhound Knight Darriwi
  • Great Épée: A Heavy Thrusting blade scaling in Dexterity and Strength, found inside a chest near Kaiden Sellswords east from the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace.
  • Morning Star: This mighty hammer can inflict Blood Loss upon enemies and is found inside a chest on a broken Carriage west of Beside the Crater-Pocked Glade Site of Grace.

In your first few hours of exploring The Lands Between, these weapons are worth locating and should fit most builds and playstyles. Nevertheless, let’s look at the best five starting weapons to have and where to find them in Elden Ring:


We’ve previously covered the best Twinblades in-game, and despite having the lowest base Physical Attack damage, the standard Twinblade can be easily found in the first few hours of the game. The Twinblade can be infused with Ashes of War to increase further its damage output and Weapon Skill, Spinning Slash.

This Twinblade can be located at the Dragon-Burnt Ruins from the southeast entrance, accessed using Torrent. Make your way through the ruins and uncover the underground cellar, where you can find a chest and the weapon inside.


elden ring weapons guide best starting weapons reduvia dagger bloody finger nerijus
You must defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus, with Bloody Finger Hunter Yura's help, to acquire the Reduvia dagger. (Picture: YouTube / Doms Roundtable)

This dagger boasts a curved blade and rather menacing appearance, but for players forming Blood builds, this weapon would be a great addition in the early game. Requiring 13 Dexterity, 13 Arcane, and 5 Strength, the weapon’s Weapon Skill, Reduvia Blood Blade, launches an attack that inflicts Blood Loss, hence why the dagger scales with Dexterity and Arcane.

As for locating it, you’ll need to face off in battle against Bloody Finger Nerijus, who will invade your world and is found at a ravine on Agheel Lake near the Murkwater Catacombs. You won’t be going into battle alone, as Bloody Finger Hunter Yura will be summoned to assist in defeating Nerijus and gaining the dagger.

Carian Knight’s Sword

Magic/Intelligence builds will need to seek out one of the best Straight Swords, given it deals both Physical and Magic damage. To wield this sword, you’ll need to place points in Intelligence as it requires 18 Intelligence, 10 Dexterity, and Strength, which is expected for a weapon imbued with Magic.

Its Weapon Skill, Carian Grandeur, transforms the Straight Sword into a Greatsword, which strikes down, dealing Magic damage, and can be charged to boost its power. The Straight Sword can be found inside a chest onboard a Carriage being pulled by Trolls in Lirunia of the Lakes, with The Four Belfries Site of Grace being the closest starting point.


elden ring weapons guide best starting weapons katana uchigatana stormhill castle
The Uchigatana comes as the default weapon for the Samurai class but can also be found inside Stormhill. (Picture: YouTube / Doms Roundtable)

Another weapon inflicting Blood Loss is a starting weapon for the Samurai class, but it can be found relatively early in-game. The Uchigatana deals both Slash and Pierce attacks and can apply Ashes of War but requires 15 Dexterity and 11 Strength to wield.

While its Weapon Skill, Unsheathe, is equipped on most Katanas, it will get you through the early to mid-game until you've acquired the Rivers of Blood katana. The Uchigatana is found on a corpse folded over a platform in a hall which can be unlocked using a lever at Stormhill, Limgrave.

Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

Another weapon for Magic/Intelligence builds, the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is one of the best Glinstone Staffs in-game. The weapon’s efficacy can significantly increase should your Intelligence Attributes increase, surpassing other notable staffs like the Meteorite and Academy Glinstone Staves.

Only needing 10 Intelligence and 6 Strength to wield, this staff is one of the best-starting Intelligence weapons to acquire for any Intelligence build. It can be obtained after defeating the Demi-Human Queen at the Demi-Human Forest Ruins northwest of the Ailing Village Outskirts.

And that completes this guide on how to find the best early-game weapons in Elden Ring. We want to thank the YouTube channel Doms Roundtable for the complete walkthrough on locating them in-game. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.