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Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Here, we will talk about where exactly Elden Ring takes place.
Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Elden Ring is a game that has a lot of lore in it. FromSoftware is quite famous for making games where you would discover the lore through the NPCs, books, and other means in the game rather than making a bunch of cutscenes to explain what is happening. This will likely be the case for the upcoming Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.

Despite all of that, it can be kind of difficult to understand what is going on in Elden Ring if you miss some key information. After all, Elden Ring is an open world so it is possible to miss key information and get different endings to the game. Here, we are going to tell you where Elden Ring takes place, just in case you missed it.

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place?

Elden Ring Location
There are many different areas in Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware)

When you look at Elden Ring's map for the first time, you can tell that FromSoftware has made a massive game. And the best part is that you will later discover that the map is much bigger than you imagined. This large map that you are thrown into is the setting for Elden Ring, the open-world game that has secrets in nearly every corner.

The name of the location you are in for Elden Ring is known as The Lands Between. The Lands Between is the realm that lies underneath the Erdtree, a large tree that can be seen everywhere on the map so long as you are above ground. The Lands Between was created by The Greater Will who is the god-like entity of the world.

What Are The Regions In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring The Lands Between
The Lands Between has many different climates due to how massive Elden Ring is. (Picture: FromSoftware)

The Lands Between is a very large map for players to discover. The Lands Between has a lot of different regions within it due to how large the map is. There are places in The Lands Between that are under ice, in deserts, and infected with various diseases. The Lands Between is a difficult location to be in, so you should be aware of the different regions in this game. Here are the main regions of The Lands Between:

  • Atlus Plateau
  • Caelid
  • Capital Outskirts
  • Crumbling Farum Azula
  • Dragonbarrow
  • Limgrave
  • Weeping Peninsula
  • Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Mt. Gelmir
  • Leyndell
  • Mountaintops of the Giants
  • Forbidden Lands
  • Consecrated Snowfield
  • Miquella's Haligtree

On top of these locations that we have listed above, there is a massive underground system that is in Elden Ring as well. On top of that, each region of Elden Ring has its own sub-regions as well. There are a lot of areas to explore in The Lands Between, so it is important to know what is out there.

Here is a tier list from a YouTuber known as Dark Tark on what they think is the best locations in Elden Ring.