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Elden Ring Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss guide – How to beat and location

The Erdtree Burial Watchdog is one of the easiest bosses to face by learning its combat setup. Here’s how to find and defeat it in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss guide – How to beat and location

Elden Ring has its fair share of intimidating and terrifying bosses and mini-bosses players will encounter through exploration or completing quests. The Erdtree Burial Watchdog is possibly the most eerie-looking boss due to its frightening design, which may scare you before the battle begins.

Nevertheless, this boss might be the game's easiest to battle as its moveset allows opportunities to inflict as much damage as possible. This guide explains where to find the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss and how to defeat it in Elden RIng.

Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss location in Elden Ring

The Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss can be located at various catacombs scattered across The Lands Between. The Erdtree Burial Watchdog is another optional boss for players to face with five known locations to find this boss in The Lands Between.

elden ring erdtree burial watchdog guide boss battle stormfoot catacombs map location
The Stormfoot Catacombs is one of the locations where you can find the Erdtree Burial Watchdog. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles – Video Game Databank)

These locations are as follows:

  • Stormfoot Catacombs, north-west of the Church of Elleh, Western Limgrave
  • Impaler's Catacombs, north-east of Castle Morne, Weeping Peninsula
  • Cliffbottom Catacombs, south of the Carian Study Hall in Liurnia of the Lakes
  • Wyndham Catacombs, west of the Second Church of Marika on Mount Gelmir
  • Minor Erdtree Catacombs, at the Minor Erdtree in Caelid

How to beat Elden Ring's Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss

There are five locations to find the Erdtree Burial Watchdog; each boasts a unique setup that will make each boss battle slightly different from the previous boss. Nevertheless, implementing a strategy that works for all bosses will help players overcome its attacks.

elden ring erdtree burial watchdog guide boss battle slashing attacks
Watch out for the Erdtree Burial watchdog's slashing attacks which you can roll away to avoid getting hit. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles – Video Game Databank)

Every Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss will utilise its slashing attacks for some damage in the early stage of the boss battle. This can be avoided by rolling away to prevent getting inflicted with AoE damage due to it slamming the ground with its sword.

This also allows you to land back attacks before the boss performs a quick swing attack that will catch you off-guard. The next part of the battle will see the boss lunge towards you; however, as this attack is relatively slow, evade it and take advantage of the opening to get in a few more back attacks.

elden ring erdtree burial watchdog guide boss battle tail slam
You can get hit by a tail slam which inflicts AoE and fire damage if not avoided. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles – Video Game Databank)

Do watch out as you can get caught in the resulting slam, which will inflict more AoE damage and give it a chance to fight back. The Erdtree Burial Watchdog will use a tail slam which can deal some Fire damage if you're not equipped with a Fire damage resistance spell or incantation.

It will then follow up with a flurry of slashing attacks before coming down with another tail slam that you'll need to look out for. Lastly, it utilises a fire attack which will breathe fire coming from its mouth.

elden ring erdtree burial watchdog guide boss battle fire breath ranged attack
The Erdtree Burial Watchdog has a ranged attack that unleashes fire breath coming from its mouth. (Picture: YouTube / Kibbles – Video Game Databank)

You can avoid getting hit by this fire attack by doing a roll around the boss before it stops, which you can get in a few more hits. The main strategy of this boss battle is to bait its attacks giving you the chance to attack it from behind and plenty of patience.

Repeat this strategy until the Erdtree Burial Watchdog is defeated which you can collect the rewards it drops. These will differ from each boss, which we have detailed below:

  • Stormfoot Catacombs: 1,300 Runes and the Noble Sorcerer Ashes
  • Impaler's Catacombs: 2,400 Runes and the Demi-Human Ashes
  • Cliffbottom Catacombs: 3,200 Runes and the Kaiden Sellsword Ashes
  • Wyndham Catacombs: 12,000 Runes and the Glovewort Picker's Bell Bearing
  • Minor Erdtree Catacombs: 7,400 Runes and the Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes

We like to thank the YouTube channel Kibbles – Video Game Databank for the complete walkthrough on defeating the Erdtree Burial Tree Watchdog in Elden Ring.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Kibbles – Video Game Databank.