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Elden Ring Carian Study Hall guide – How to beat and location

Learn how to find the Carian Study Hall and defeat the boss, the Preceptor Miriam and the Glintstone Specters in Elden Ring.
Elden Ring Carian Study Hall guide – How to beat and location

Elden Ring contains many interesting but dangerous Points of Interest across The Lands Between. After completing your adventures in Stormhill, you’ll find yourself traversing the region of Liurnia of the Lakes.

The Carian Study Hall is one of these exciting locations; however, it comes with an equally challenging boss that you will find hiding within. Here’s how to find the Carian Study Hall and defeat the mini-boss waiting inside the building in Elden Ring.

Where to find the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring?

The Carian Study Hall is located west of the Academy Gate Town in Liurnia of the Lakes and serves as the main access point to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, connected to the study hall.

elden ring guide carian study hall map location site of grace
The map location for the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

This location is vital for progressing to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, where you’ll need to solve a puzzle in the main study hall. Finally, advance through Ranni/Renna’s questline, and she’ll hand you an item, the Carian Inverted Statue.

You can use this item to activate the pedestal and find the secret room, which will lead you to the tower. Unfortunately, you will also have to tackle a mini-boss at the study hall located upstairs, which will deter you from finding the secret room to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

How to defeat the Preceptor Miriam boss in Elden Ring?

This mini-boss will attack players with the Glintstone Bow, with which she fires arrow projectiles that will deal a considerable amount of damage. Since you can’t dodge her attacks, there will also be several Glintstone Specters summoned in this area, which you’ll need to eliminate.

elden ring guide carian study hall preceptor miriam mini boss
The Preceptor Miriam mini-boss is by no means easy to defeat. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

Attacking her will cause the Preceptor Miriam to respawn elsewhere in the area; therefore, the best strategy is to deal with the Glintstone Specters first and then battle her.

Followingly, climb up the staircase to reach the next area, where you can find the Carian Glintstone Staff on the right and a lift behind the bookcase to reach the next level.

elden ring guide carian study hall carian glintstone staff lift acess
The lift to the next level within the Carian Study Hall is found behind the location of the Carian Glintstone Staff. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

The next level features a bookcase that wraps around the entire area; however, go right to find a ladder that takes you to an area with wooden beams running across the room. Be careful as the Specters will likely follow you up here, and some large rats traverse the beams.

After defeating the Specters and the Preceptor Miriam, she’ll drop the Magic Downpour Sorcery spell. If you take the ladder going up from the wooden beams, you’ll find a handy item to loot off a corpse called the Cerulean Seed Talisman, which increases your Focus Points for your Flask of Cerulean Tears.

elden ring guide carian study hall magic downpour spell cerulean seed talisman focus points
Defeat the mini-boss to acquire the Magic Downpour spell and explore the study hall further to acquire the Cerulean Seed Talisman. (Picture: YouTube / Trophygamers)

Then, head back to the main hall room to find a pedestal that's missing a piece for it to be activated. You can only achieve this by advancing in Ranni/Renna’s questline, completing the following objectives:

  • Travel to Caelid to defeat Starcourge (General) Radahn
  • Navigate to Caria Manor, where you’ll have to clear the area and defeat the boss, Royal Knight Loretta.
  • Gain access to the Three Sisters towers, west of Caria Manor
  • Speak with Ranni/Renna in her tower at Ranni’s Rise and agree to serve her
  • Accept her quest to find the Eternal City, Nokron and defeat the Regal Ancestor Spirit
  • Return once again to Ranni/Renna, where she’ll hand you the Carian Inverted Statue after exhausting all dialogue options

At this point, you can travel back to the Carian Study Hall to activate the pedestal using the statue, which unlocks the door to a secret room. This will lead you to the Divine Tower of Liurnia, where you will encounter a handful of enemies during your journey.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Trophygamers for the complete walkthrough on defeating the Preceptor Miriam boss at the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring.


Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Trophygamers.