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Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield – Location, weapon stats, and more

Boost your attack power with the Jellyfish Shield at your side in Elden Ring, check out the location, weapon stats, and more.
Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield – Location, weapon stats, and more

Elden Ring is full of unique items that allow for build variety in the Lands Between, but there aren't many that have the same look and power that the Jellyfish Shield can boast. The Greatshield, which is essentially one giant jellyfish used for defense, be found as soon as you gain access to Liurnia of the Lakes.

Of course, any Greatshield is going to provide some outstanding defense, but it's the Ash of War skill that makes the shield so enticing. As long as you can handle some poison and a crowd of angry jellyfish, the shield is in reach.

Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield location

Elden Ring Jellyfish Map
Head to the foot of the Four Belfries. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

The general direction of the Jellyfish Shield in Elden Ring is to the northern section of Liurnia of the Lakes. This region is one of the largest and has a few sections that can be revealed through maps. You don't need the map, but the section that contains the shield is the long strip before Caria Manor.

This area overall isn't very wide and it contains one or two major pathways that can be followed. The easiest way to find the location is to look for the Four Belfries towers that are in the same area. When you reach the Four Belfries, the easiest route is to head to the foot of the path and look north.

On that northern path, you'll find a group of jellyfish that will become aggro as soon as you get too close. They are guarding a broken-down cart with a couple of items for the player to pick up. One of these happens to be the Elden Ring  Jellyfish Shield.

It's fairly easy to sprint to the center of the jellyfish and grab the dark blue item that always marks something rare. The best bet is to kill them so that you don't get poisoned within a second, but if you are under-leveled, running is another option.

Jellyfish Shield weapon stats in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Jellyfish Shield fight
You'll need to get past the jellyfish for the loot. (Picture: xGarbett)

The Jellyfish Shield is a Greatshield that provides plenty of defense as a base. The Physical guard is at 100 and every other elemental guard is at nearly 50. On the attack side, there are 123 Physical and 100 critical that can be utilized.

Strength and Dexterity are the main stats that the shield will scale off of, so magic users may want to avoid this. The Strength scaling is at D, and the required stats are 20 Strength and 14 Dexterity. Of course, leveling those will increase the effectiveness.

The main draw to the shield is the Ash of War skill called Contagious Fury. Activating the skill will give you a boost to attack power for a short duration, but any boost is enticing in a strength build. The skill is unique, so you'll need the Jellyfish Shield in order to utilize the fury.


That's all there is to know about the Jellyfish Shield. To learn more about weapons and builds, head to the Elden Ring section of our site!

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / XGarbett.