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Elden Ring PlayStation Plus Subscription error - How to fix

The most recent Elden Ring update is bringing a similar 'could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription' error, here's how to fix it.
Elden Ring PlayStation Plus Subscription error - How to fix

There's been no shortness of excitement from Elden Ring as the RPG has been a massive success worldwide. Players have so much content to explore and endless customization options to make their experience totally unique.

But as of the recent update, there seems to be a problem plaguing multiple systems preventing players from logging in. So far the bug seems to be exclusive to PlayStation platforms like PS4 and PS5.

If you're experiencing the 'could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription' error, here's your best bet to fix it.

Elden Ring 'could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription' error

Elden Ring PlayStation logo
The recent error seems to be exclusive to PlayStation consoles. (Picture: PlayStation / FromSoftware)

The most recent update for Elden Ring has clearly caused some bugs in the system as many PlayStation players are unable to access the game. It seems as though the problem is pertaining to online verification, and it's preventing many from logging in.

Officially, the error reads ‘Could Not Verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’ and it spins players in circles as they try to log in and play Elden Ring. The problem is not exclusive to Elden Ring though, as many other PlayStation Plus-accessed titles are experiencing similar errors.

PlayStation has acknowledged the issue and posted to Twitter that they are searching for the solution. If you don't want to wait for an official fix, there seem to be two temporary workarounds in the meantime.

If your console is not set up for auto-update, the obvious first fix is to simply not download the latest patch for Elden Ring. Many players will not be so lucky as auto-update is a very popular setting and naturally saves a lot of waiting time.

For those who have already downloaded the fateful patch and are now unable to log in to their Elden Ring account, don't give up hope just yet. The classic re-set is always on hand and many times allows players to work around spontaneous errors.

Here's the order of re-starts you should try:

  • Re-start your Elden Ring title quitting out to the PlayStation home page and reloading
  • Re-start your PlayStation console
  • Re-start your internet router

There's a chance none of these fixes will work and you will, unfortunately, be stuck unable to log in to Elden Ring. However, it's encouraging that PlayStation is already onto the problem so don't expect it to last for too long.

Elden Ring PlayStation 5 error unable to verify
Hopefully PlayStation will be quick to fix the latest error after the Elden Ring update. (Picture: PlayStation / FromSoftware)

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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.