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Elden Ring Ancient Hero of Zamor boss - How to beat and location

The Ancient Knight of Zamor is an optional boss, but one definitely worth challenging. Here's what you need to know to locate and defeat this ancient swordsman.
Elden Ring Ancient Hero of Zamor boss - How to beat and location

On your journey through the Lands Between of Elden Ring, you will encounter powerful and deadly enemies. Some are more difficult to best than others, and just like that, The Ancient Hero of Zamor is more difficult to beat but not an impossible challenge to overcome. 

He is an optional boss and not mandatory to complete the main quest. If you are struggling to bring down the swordsman, this guide will show you how to beat the Ancient Hero of Zamor and where to find him on your quest through the Lands Between. 

Where to find the Ancient Hero of Zamor

Players can find the Ancient Hero of Zamor in three different locations within The Lands Between. Some places require Stonesword keys to access, so make sure you stock up before making the trek to fight him. 

All the locations above are located on the map of The Lands Between as follows: 

The weeping Evergoal at the Weeping Peninsula (Requires One Stonesword key)

Location of Anciet Hero Zamor in Weeping Evergoal
The Ancient Hero Zamor can be found imprisoned within the Weeping Evergoal. (Picture: FromSoftware via Fextralife Wiki)

The Giant Conquering Hero's Grave in the Mountaintops of the Giants

Ancient Hero of Zamor at the end of Giant Conquering Hero's Cave
The Ancient Hero of Zamor can be found at the end of the Giant Conquering Hero's cave. He drops the Zamor Curved Sword and the full Zamore Armor set when defeated. (Picture: FromSoftware via Fextralife Wiki)

The Sainted Hero's Grave in Altus Plateau 

Ancient Hero Of Zamor in Sainted Heros Grave.
The Ancient Hero is the final boss of the Sainted Hero's Grave. Drops the Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff Ashes when defeated. (Picture: FromSoftware via Fextralife Wiki)

How to beat The Ancient Hero of Zamor

Depending on your build, your approach to this boss will differ. So we have a guide for melee players and long ranges players, but there are a few tips that you should know regardless of your build.

The Ancient of Zamor hero is weak to magic, so any magic spells, incantations, or magic weapon buffs you have at your disposal will make this fight a lot easier and increase your Damage Per Second (DPS). 

You also want to watch him closely for his frost breath attack as it can inflict frostbite and end your run against him quickly. To avoid it, look for when he kneels to signal the attack, then sprint to the left or right of his line of sight to evade it. 

For melee players

Melee player fighting the Ancient Hero of Zamor
Melee player challenging the ancient Hero of Zamor. (Picture: SweetJohnnyCage via Youtube / FromSoftware)

If you are a melee player, you will have a hard time staying close to him as he counters quickly to your attacks and has a wide range for his sword strikes and magic. 

To counter this, we can engage in some 'hit-and-run' tactics by performing a one or two-hit combo, then immediately back up to give yourself space to dodge any counterattacks and control for his speed.  

After doing this carefully, the boss will enter his second stage. Here the Ancient Hero of Zamor will be far more aggressive, charging the player and performing more gap-closing moves. 

For a melee player, this phase can be difficult. You will need to wait for him to come to you, dodge his attack, then counter. It can be difficult as he is much more aggressive, and you risk him entering another attack pattern if you don't immediately counter and deal damage. So timing your rolls and positioning yourself to counter quickly is vital to surviving.

For ranged players

Ranged player challenging the Ancient Hero of Zamor
Ranged player challenging the Ancient Hero of Zamor. (Picture: Fextralife via Youtube / FromSoftware)

Ranged players might have a tough time with Ancient Hero of Zamor in his first phase. He will hang back and slowly make his way towards the player. While he does, you may be able to get in one or two good shots with arrows or magic. 

But more often than not, he will evade your ranged attacks by side-stepping. Counter this by waiting for him to get into an attack animation before letting loose your long-range attack or spell. But be on the lookout as he might side-step your attack and follow up with a gap closer, so always be ready to dodge right away. 

Once he enters his second phase, things can become a bit easier. He won't dodge long-range attacks anymore, opting to rush you instead. During this phase, you need to create distance between the boss and your character, then let off your long-ranged attacks once you are a safe distance away. If he gets close, evade him and reposition yourself for your next volley. 

Rinse and repeat the tactics described above, and you are sure to come out the victor against the powerful but fallible Ancient Hero of Zamor.

Thank you for reading and if you'd like more tips on slaying bosses, check out our Elden Ring Demi-Human Queen Maggie boss guide - How to beat and location.

Featured Image courtesy of Boss Fight Databse via Youtube / FromSoftware