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Elden Ring Impressive Sales 6 Months After Release

Tarnished worldwide should be proud as Elden Ring continues to rake in impressive sales even a full six months after its initial release.
Elden Ring Impressive Sales 6 Months After Release

Although many gamers are aware of the Souls series made by From Software, due to the games being notoriously difficult, nobody could have foreseen the absolute success that Elden Ring would have upon its release. Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne were successful in their own right, but Elden Ring has wiped the floor with them and continues to do so a full six months after its release.

So let's take a look at the details surrounding Elden Rings's impressive (to say the least) sales that have continued six months after its release. And the possible reasons as to why the game has done as well as it has.

Elden Ring Impressive Sales 6 Months After Release

Elden Ring Impressive Sales 6 Months After Release still top-selling game of the year
Even six months later, Elden Ring is the top selling game of the year. (Picture: From Software)

Elden Ring had shipped 16.6 million copies worldwide as of the end of June, according to Bandai Namco. While many of these sales occurred in the first few months after Elden Ring's release, the fact that it is still selling in the millions demonstrates that the game is incredibly popular even six months later.

Elden Ring's sales figures have now surpassed those of FromSoftware's previous title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which sold 5 million copies by July 2020 following its release in early 2019. And at the time of writing, Elden Ring remains the top-selling game of the year.

Elden Ring may continue to sell well due to the reputation FromSoftware has built over years of producing quality titles. Or it may be that Elden Ring's open world and other mechanics make it a much more welcoming experience for new players.

In any case, the latest RPG by FromSoftware has produced unrivaled sales when compared to the company's previous titles. Some predict that by the end of the year, Elden Ring will have sold 20 million copies.

This would be a realistic benchmark as the game continues to be talked about in more niche circles and brings more fans onto the bandwagon every day. Perhaps this is due to it not sharing the hangups some people may have when hearing the moniker of "Dark Souls" lending people to give Elden Ring a chance over the other SoulsBorne titles.

Elden Ring 6 month post release sales
With the possibility of a DLC and more content to come, the game may maintain its high selling figures. (Picture: From Software)

Though with the passage of time and the arrival of new games, some suspect that Elden Ring's sales may dwindle in the coming months. But with speculation about possible Elden Ring DLC, the announcement of some extra content for the game may be enough to sway those who have yet to decide whether or not to embark on the quest to become Elden Lord.

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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.