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Elden Ring Weathered Knife - How To Get And Use

To unlock the Weathered Knife in Elden Ring, you'll need to initiate Fia's Questline. This guide explains how to get and use it.
Elden Ring Weathered Knife - How To Get And Use

The Weathered Knife is one of the key items in Elden Ring that allows you to trigger a series of quests under the NPC named Fia's; this questline ultimately leads to the Age of Duskborn ending.

Obtaining the Weathered Knife in Elden Ring is daunting as you must satisfy several pre-requisites and talk to specific NPCs before progressing this game narrative. This Elden Ring guide will explain how to get the Weathered Knife and use it. 

Elden Ring - How to Get Weathered Knife

how to get weathered knife elden ring
Fia will hand you the Weathered Knife and task you with finding its owner. (Picture: From Software)

You can get the Weathered Knife from the NPC named Fia, the Deathbed Companion you come across while exploring the Roundtable Hold. To get the Weathered Knife, you must talk to Fia after reaching Altus Plateau using the Grand Lift of Dectus. When you speak to her, she will tell you about the Weathered Knife and ask you to find its owner, finally handling the Knife.  

weathered knife guide how to get use elden ring
When you meet Fia for the first time, “Let her hold you.” (Picture: From Software)

But before that, you must talk to her and receive her blessing, which adds a small debuff to your characters, reducing HP by a very slight amount that many new players miss. 

elden ring weathered knife guide
You must always select the "Talk in Secret" prompt to get new dialogues from Fia. (Picture: From Software)

Getting the Weathered Knife from Fia will mark the "actual" beginning of her quest. We recommend you complete Fia's questline and avoid killing her as it will help you unlock the Age of Duskborn ending using the Mending Rune of Death Prince. 

Elden Ring - How to Use Weathered Knife 

If you're wondering, you cannot use the Weathered Knife as a weapon as it is a quest item. So what you have to do here is; find the NPC named D at the Roundtable Hold and hand him the Weathered Knife. It will trigger a sequence where Fia kills D in one of the locked rooms of the Roundtable Hold, progressing her questline. 

how to get to fias room in elden ring weathered knife guide
Fia’s room is located left of Master Hewg. (Picture: From Software)

You can find Fia in the room next to the Smithing Master Hewg. She is seen sitting on a bed where you can interact with her to unlock a new set of dialogues and take her blessing. 

And that is it. That's everything you need to know bout locating the Weathered Knife In Elden Ring.

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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.