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Elden Ring Vyke's War Spear - Location, weapon stats, and more

Check out this guide for how to get the Elden Ring Vyke's War Spear including the location, stats, and much more.
Elden Ring Vyke's War Spear - Location, weapon stats, and more

Great Spears can be the basis of some fantastic builds in Elden Ring, and Vyke's War Spear in particular offers up some unique traits across the board. One of the most interesting aspects of the weapon is the Madness buildup on the weapon that caters to some great experiments in the Lands Between.

The weapon isn't tied to any bosses, but you also won't be able to simply loot it off the grind like other items. Instead, this is one of a handful of weapons that is tied to the defeat of a PvE invader. Defeating the invader means you get his spear as a victory token.

Where to find the Vyke's War Spear in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Vyke location
Look for the village of the Frenzied Flame. (Picture: YouTube / Gamer Guru)

To reach Vyke's War Spear in Elden Ring, you'll need to reach the northeastern section of Liurnia of the Lakes in a secluded village. Unlike much of the region, this area can be hard to reach, but there are certainly ways to do so. There are wind jumps for Torrent, a portal at the Academy, or a ramp-up in the ravine below.

When you reach this area of the game, you'll find the entrance to the Grand Lift of Dectus. Just before going inside the entrance, take a right and head up that path. You'll encounter the Flaming-Frenzy Tower which is essentially a ball of Madness.

This entire area is based around enemies afflicted by Madness, and when you reach the top of the nearby village, there is the Church of Inhibition. When you approach this church, you won't be able to mount, and an NCP invader will appear named Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

This is where you fight for the Great Spear you have been looking for, and managing your Madness buildup is incredibly important. He will use the spear along with spells to do some real damage. Killing him will net Vyke's War Spear as a reward.

Vyke's War Spear weapon stats in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Vyke NPC fight
Vyke must be defeated to claim the weapon. (Picture: YouTube / Gamer Guru)

First and foremost, this weapon is a Great Spear with a ton of potential in Dexterity. Players will need 20 Dexterity to use it, and the scaling is C at a base. Of course, that can go higher if upgrades are made later on.

Strength and Faith are both secondary stats that can beef up Vyke's War Spear. Faith has a D scale while Strength has an E scale. Both Strength and Dexterity will increase the base damage of the weapon. Faith is what will increase the overall Madness buildup.

As for the Ash of War skill, this spear has one called Flenzyflame Thrust. This lights the spear up with Frenzy Flame in the air, and your character will slam down creating some serious damage and madness buildup. Not only is this great for the base game builds, but PvP is another great use of the spear.


That's all there is to know about Vyke's War Spear in the Lands Between. For more guides on weapons and armor, check out the Elden Ring section of our site!

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / J Dog th3 Wise.