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Elden Ring – All endings and how to unlock them

Completing Elden Ring isn't as straightforward as they come, so we're exploring the game's multiple endings and how to unlock them.
Elden Ring – All endings and how to unlock them

Elden Ring has three main endings players can trigger during their gameplay. Depending on the actions, dialogue choices and decisions made during the main and side questlines will unlock one of these endings towards the end of the game.

One of the last decisions you'll make comes after defeating the Elden Beast, when interacting with the Fractured Marika statue gives you one of three choices.

  • Mend the Elden Ring (the base ending)
  • Use Mending Rune of the Death-Prince/Perfect Order/Fell Curse (alternate endings)
  • Become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame (terrible ending)

There are variations of these endings that you can explore, requiring specific side quests to be completed and decisions to be made. Before we continue, we are prompting a massive spoiler alert for major plotlines, bosses, and subsequent endings that will follow. Please don't say we didn't warn you!

What is the Elden Lord ending in Elden Ring?

elden ring guide game endings elden lord ending ending options fractured marika statue
Depending on how you played, there are multiple endings in Elden Ring. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

The Elden Lord ending is the base or vanilla ending in Elden Ring, which many players are likely to get. As mentioned above, you will need to choose to mend the Elden Ring as the final decision to obtain this ending.

Ultimately, to get this ending, you must have chosen to follow the ways of the Two Fingers, as outlined by many characters you've met at the Roundtable Hold and Melina. There are multiple variations of this specific ending that requires some additional objectives to be completed.

How to unlock the Elden Lord - Age of Fracture ending in Elden Ring?

The Age of Fracture ending is one of the Elden Lord variation endings where you have chosen to mend the Elden Ring amongst one of the main objectives. Additionally, players must have completed the main questline, not touching any side quests that influence this ending.

elden ring guide game endings age of fracture elden throne elden lord
Not completing any of the side quests will unlock the "Age of Fracture" ending. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

How to get the Elden Lord - Age of Duskborn ending in Elden Ring?

The Age of Duskborn ending can be unlocked by completing the main questline and a few side questlines. Unlocking the Altus Plateau region plays a massive role in this specific ending to gain additional dialogue choices with a particular NPC.

The Age of Duskborn ending involves completing the Fia's questline after the Altus Plateau. Return to Fia at the Roundtable Hold, where she'll task you with locating the owner of a dagger which, when discussing with D, Hunter of the Dead, he returned the dagger to the rightful owner on your behalf.

This triggers a series of events, including D's death, the secret location of his twin brother and being tasked to obtain the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince from Fia. You will also encounter a boss battle with Lichdragon Fortissax to pursue the rune from Fia at Deeproot Depths.

elden ring guide game endings age of duskborn fia questline mending rune of the death-prince
Finishing Fia's questline and obtaining the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince unlocks the "Age of Duskborn" ending. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

It's unclear if letting D's twin brother kill Fia influences the ending but getting the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince from Fia triggers it. In the end, select "Use Mending Rune of the Death-Prince" to gain this ending which sees the restoration of death instilled in The Lands Between, ridding immortality as a result.

How to unlock the Elden Lord - Age of Order ending in Elden Ring?

Possibly one of the missable endings, if players don't keep track of a specific side questline, the Age of Order ending is quite tedious to achieve. As stated before, you will need to have followed the main questline in addition to meeting Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold.

To unlock this character's questline, you will need to have acquired the Glintstone Key to gain access to the Raya Lucaria Academy. Following this NPC's questline will have you travelling across the Altus Plateau, Leyndell at the Mountaintops of the Giants as he follows the teachings of his master, known as Goldmask.

elden ring guide game endings age of order brother corhyn
The Age of Order ending is easily missable if players don't speak with Brother Corhyn or keep up with his questline in Elden Ring. (Picture: YouTube / GAmes from Mars)

Goldmask doesn't say anything, but Brother Corhyn sends you away to complete a few tasks. Specifically for high Intelligence/Mind/Faith builds, you can learn various spells and incantations from him, which should be helpful in the late game.

Once in Leyndell, you need to learn the Law of Regression incantation to solve a puzzle that informs you that "Radagon is Marika" and relay this information to Brother Corhyn. Ultimately, a series of events at Leyndell sees the city collapse, resulting in Goldmask's death.

You can acquire the Mending Rune of Perfect Order from his body, and you get to share some dialogue with Brother Corhyn before ascending as the Elden Lord. Choose "Use Mending Rune of Perfect Order" to bring order back to The Lands Between.

elden ring guide game endings age of order mending rune of perfect order brother corhyn questline
Use the Mending Rune of Perfect Order to seal your fate as the Elden Lord and bring order to The Lands Between. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

How to get the Elden Lord - Blessing of Despair ending in Elden Ring?

One of the bad endings about the Elden Lord, you must have followed the main questline and completed the side questline involving the Dung Eater. You'll first meet this NPC at the Roundtable Hold, but much later in the game, he can be found at the Subterranean Shunnuing-Grounds.

Speak with him at his new location, then return to the Roundtable Hold to find a note from him, wishing to face you in battle. You'll need to complete Blackguard Big Boggart's questline at Boilprawn Shack before continuing the Dung Eater's quest.

Face the Dung Eater in a mini-boss battle where he'll return to the Roundtable Hold if defeated. He asks you to acquire Seedbed Curses, where giving him five of these items will grant you the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse.

elden ring guide game endings blessing of despair mending rune of the fell curse chaos
Unleash a curse onto The Lands Between with the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse to unlock the "Blessing of Despair" ending. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

Progress through the main questline after defeating the Elden Beast, choose to "Use Mending Rune of the Fell Curse". Unfortunately, everyone will live under the constant threat of a curse, bringing havoc and despair to The Lands Between.

How to unlock the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending in Elden Ring?

The following main ending players can unlock considered by many to be the true bad ending in Elden Ring. Progress through the main questline, where you'll embark on a separate route from what Melina had outlined for the Tarnished.

This ending is pretty complicated to unlock as you'll need to locate the sewers beneath Leyndell, Royal Capital. Keep making your way deep into the sewers until you've reached the Subterranean Shunnuing-Grounds where you'll find Mohg, the Omen.

elden ring guide game endings lord of the frenzied flame molten rock door subterranean shunning grounds
Once you've opened these doors, you can't go back. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

Defeat this boss and locate a hidden passage behind the altar where you'll find a hidden tomb with living beings crying out in agony. This agony is the "The Flame of Frenzy", a unique status effect in which you lose FP and take some HP damage when the meter is full.

Drop down onto some coffins where you'll find a Site of Grace and share a few words with Melina before she leaves your side. There will be another door covered in molten rock, which requires you to remove all armour and weapons.

Going through this door will lock you out of the other endings, so proceed with caution. Inside, you'll meet with the Three Fingers, where it will permanently mark you with the Frenzied Flame, leaving you scarred.

elden ring guide game endings lord of the frenzied flame cursemark
Gain the frenzied Flame mark and use it at the Fractured Marika statue to unlock the "Lord of the Frenzied Flame" ending. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

After some time, you'll find yourself at the Mountaintops of the Giants, where you'll sacrifice your body, not Melina when you've chosen to "Listen to the sounds of the flame". Melina would have lost the marking on her left eye before continuing the path to Leyndell.

Defeat the final boss before plunging The Lands Between in a permanent state of frenzy and absolute chaos for choosing this route. Godspeed, Tarnished One!

How to get the Age of the Stars ending in Elden Ring?

The complete opposite of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending, the Age of the Stars, involves the mysterious witch, Renna/Ranni. Every player would have been introduced to the witch in the first few hours at the game after receiving Torrent from Melina.

elden ring guide game endings the age of stars ranni melina torrent
Players who have met Ranni after acquiring Torrent from Melina in the early hours of Elden Ring. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Fast travel to the Church of Elleh to find the witch on the opposite side of the ruins, where she'll give you the Spirit Calling Bell. She later adds that you'll never see her again, but to get this ending, you must find her.

Ranni's questline can only be triggered after completing Rogier's from the Roundtable Hold, which she can be found at Ranni's Rise in Lirunia of the Lakes. However, she'll only appear at that location after defeating Starscourge Radahn at Redmane Castle in Caelid.

From Ranni's Rise, this will trigger a long questline of completing, which involves the following key objectives:

  • Locate Blaidd the Wolfman at the Siofra River Well
  • Speak with Seluvis regarding Sellen
  • Complete Sellen's questline
  • Defeat Starscourge Radahn
  • Locate Nokron, Eternal City to retrieve the Fingerslayer Blade
  • Hand the Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni
  • Acquire the Carian Inverted Statue to gain access to the Divine Tower of Liurnia
  • Find the Cursemark of Death and use a portal to collect Ranni's doll and speak with the doll at a Site of Grace
  • Travel to Nokstella, Eternal City to defeat Baleful Shadow of Blaidd to release Ranni and acquire the Discarded Palace Key
  • Use the key to unlock a chest behind Rennala at the Raya Lucaria Academy to find a ring
  • Defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void at Grand Cloister
  • Locate Ranni's body at the Cathedral of Manus Celes and place the ring on her finger
  • Earn the Dark Moon Greatsword before Ranni disappears
elden ring guide game endings age of the stars ranni the witch blue summon sign consort
Interact with Ranni's summon sign to trigger the "Age of the Stars" ending and become Ranni's consort. (Picture: YouTube / xGarbett)

Following the questline route will lead you to the final boss battle, and after defeating it, you can use Ranni's summoning sign to trigger this ending. This sees Ranni taking Marika's place and the Tarnished becoming Ranni's consort.

Ranni and the Tarnished will ascend to the cosmos, allowing the moon to block the sun shining over The Lands Between. Lead by eternal moonlight; this will release all the souls trapped within the Erdtree.

As of writing, these are the known endings for Elden Ring that players can attempt to fulfil. It's undetermined if there are more endings, how they're triggered, and what era will it bring to The Lands Between. Either way, best prepared to replay the game to receive all its endings.

We want to thank the YouTube channel xGarbett for the walkthrough of all endings in Elden Ring.


Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.