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How to Get and Use the Eternal Darkness Sorcery in Elden Ring

Follow along for the easiest steps of how to get and use the Eternal Darkness Sorcery in Elden Ring to make your mage character overpowered.
How to Get and Use the Eternal Darkness Sorcery in Elden Ring

There is no denying the fact that mage is one of the most powerful categories in Elden Ring. It is equally important to use powerful sorceries in order to bring the best out of the character. In this article, we will guide you on how to get and use the Eternal Darkness sorcery in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring allows you to try out numerous builds where you can get your hands on different types of skills, equipment, weapons, and types of sorceries. With the help of the respec feature, players can also change their build and keep exploring different types of playstyles.

Coming to the Eternal Darkness sorcery in Elden Ring, it is one of the Night Sorceries that has the ability to draw in all the spells. This means the Eternal Darkness spell creates a void near you that absorbs all the spells casts towards you by the enemy. This spell is very helpful if you cast it in the Raya Lucaria Academy as the area completely deals Magical damage.

How to find the Eternal Darkness Sorcery in Elden Ring?

The Tower is located on the ledge. (Picture: FromSoftware / 100% Guides)

Getting your hands on Eternal Darkness Sorcery can be a bit tough as you need to deal with skeletons and invisible mages all around. But worry not, we will help you out with the easiest steps to reach the exact location quickly.

Eternal Darkness Sorcery is found in the Caelid’s Swamp Lookout Tower on a dead corpse. To reach the Tower, players get multiple ways around Caelid, however, we suggest you follow the two ways we have mentioned below to reach faster and complete objectives.

The first way is by coming through Sellia, Town of Sorcery. To make your way through the town, you need to break the barrier by unlocking the seal. The seal can be unlocked by lighting the flame in the three towers. Once you cross the barrier, make your way to the outside of the town and use the grace right outside the gate.

From there, head straight and follow the road that leads you towards the top of the hill. Make sure you dodge the giant balls and keep moving straight to the top until you locate the Church of Plague. You can use the Site of Grace and follow the road that will eventually lead you to a bridge. While making your way to the bridge, you will come across a couple of Marionette Soldiers and Gargoyle. You can choose to tackle or completely ignore them by moving straight.

Once you approach the bridge, be aware of the invisible sorcerers and quickly cross the bridge and make your way to the other side. Once you have crossed the bridge, you can see the Swamp Lookout Tower. There’s a Bloodhound Knight guarding the tower, simply defeat him and enter the cage to collect Eternal Darkness Sorcery.

By following the above method, you complete a certain portion of Millicent’s quest. Apart from this way, you can also easily reach the Tower if you already defeated Commander O’Neil and unlocked the Heart of Aeonia grace. All you have to do is head north from the very Site of Grace to reach.

How to use the Eternal Darkness Sorcery in Elden Ring?

Eternal Darkness Sorcery doesn’t require any specific Staff to use. (Picture: FromSoftware / 100% Guides)

Just like other spells in the game, Eternal Darkness Sorcery follows the same method to use it. For using the spell, your character needs to have 35 points in Intelligence and it consumes 1 memory slot. It is an AOE spell that decays over time and takes 15 points of Stamina while casting.

To use the spell, you must equip it first and have a Glintstone Staff to cast it. Sit in a Site of Grace and tap on the Memorize Spell button. Then click on a blank Memory Slot and select Eternal Darkness Sorcery to successfully equip it.

Lastly, all thanks to the YouTube channel 100% Guides for providing the location for Eternal Darkness Sorcery. If you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing to the channel for more interesting guides on various games. That’s all you need to know about how to get and use the Eternal Darkness sorcery in Elden Rin.


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Featured image courtesy of FromSoftware.