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How to get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring

Deeproot Depths is an optional but important hidden location in Elden Ring. Here's our guide that explains how to get there.
How to get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring

Elden Ring features a sprawling open world with multiple secret areas tucked away within it. One of the late-game hidden areas is Deeproot Depths, an underground dungeon, brimming with good loot. You will also need to go there to complete Fia's questlines, which makes this optional dungeon all the more crucial for you to reach.

However, the path to Deeproot Depths isn't straightforward, and there are plenty of prerequisites before you can actually get anywhere near it. As such, here's our guide that breakdowns how to get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring.

Accessing Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring


Reach Nokron, Eternal City

nokron eternal city location elden ring
The exact location of Nokron, Eternal City. (Picture: FromSoftware)

The pathway to Deeproot Depths lies deep within Nokron, Eternal City, accessing which is a lengthy feat of its own. To unlock the entrance to Nokron, Eternal City, you have to beat Starscourage Radahan in Caelid. 

Once you have taken care of Radahan, head to the marked location in the screenshot above to find the entrance to Nokron, Eternal City. You will find it South of Mistwood Grace site in Limgrave.

Reach Siofra Aqueduct from Nokron, Eternal City

nokron eternal city elden ring
The path to Deeproot Depths lies in Nokron, Eternal City. (Picture: FromSoftware)

Exploring every nook and cranny of Nokron, Eternal City, will take time since it's an intricately crafted huge vertical region. However, you can skip ahead and continue straight to reach Siofra Aqueduct, where you will find the entrance to Deeproot Depths.

On your way to the Deeproot Depths, you will encounter the Mimic Tear boss. The boss, you would have guessed, mimics your character, which means it can be an easy or difficult encounter depending on the skills and weapons of your character.

mimic tear boss elden ring
Defeat the Mimic Tear boss to reach Siofra Aqueduct. (Picture: KarpoGaming / FromSoftware)

 We recommend taking it down rather quickly, as the longer this battle goes, the more opportunities the mimic tear will get to use your more powerful weapons and spells.

jellyfish elden ring
Go down the cliff where you find four jellyfish. (Picture: Karpo Gaming / FromSoftware)

From here, continue north, past the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, until you reach a cliff. Head down, and you will find four Jellyfish in your way. Continue in that direction, and soon you will find yourself in Siofra Aqueduct. 

Siofra Aqueduct is swarming with powerful enemies that could you kill you instantly so make sure to either run past them or take them down before they get to you. Continue heading North, and you will soon find yourself in a massive cave-like arena. Here, a boss battle with Valiant Gargoyle awaits.

deeproot depths location elden ring
Interact with the coffin to reach Deeproot Depths. (Picture: KarpoGaming / FromSoftware)

Once you have beaten the Valiant Gargoyle, head deeper into the cave next to the waterfall, where you will find a coffin. Interact with it to trigger a cutscene, which would then take you to Deeproot Depths.


That concludes our guide on how to get to Deeproot Depths in Elden Ring. Make sure to check our dedicated Elden Ring section for more news, guides, and features.

Featured image courtesy of KarpoGaming / FromSoftware.