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Let Me Solo Her Returns To Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Under A New Name

The famed Let Me Solo Her returns to aid players in Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree, now facing a new boss and sporting a new name.
Let Me Solo Her Returns To Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Under A New Name
YouTube / Let Me Solo Her

We recently reported on the infamous Let Me Solo Her giving a raving 10/10 rating for Elden Ring's Shadow of The Erdtree. At that time, he had already beaten most of the main bosses in the game. Now, he returns to his role as an optional summon for one of the harder bosses in the DLC, sporting a new name to match.

So let's go over the details of Let Me Solo Her's return in the Elden Ring DLC, including which boss he's helping players with (solo, of course) and the new moniker he's donned for Shadow of The Erdtree.

Let Me Solo Her Returns To Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree Under The New Name "Let Me Solo Him"

Let Me Solo Her first became a legend in Elden Ring as a summon that players could call upon for the Malenia fight. True to his name, he would solo the boss while you sat back and watched him in action. Now, he returns to the DLC to help players with the poster child boss, Messmer the Impaler.

In addition to this, he has changed his name to "Let Me Solo Him," which makes sense since Messmer is male, and he can solo him. In the clips shown above, it’s clear that Let Me Solo Him has mastered Messmer's moveset and rhythm of attacks, easily taking him down without a single hit.

This feat is worth noting as many players struggle with Messmer, and being able to clear him without taking any damage so soon after the DLC's release is praiseworthy. Other players have also mastered various bosses in the game. For example, @shuragamingyt defeated Rellana without armor and without taking a single hit, and Twitch streamer Bushy cleared bosses in the DLC with just one hit.

Let Me Solo Her Returns To Elden Ring DLC With New Name
Let Me Solo Him is just one of the many players defeating the hardest challenges in Shadow of The Erdtree with ease, and we love to see it. (Picture: YouTube / Let Me Solo Her)

Of course, this doesn’t mirror the typical Elden Ring DLC experience for most of us, which usually involves getting smushed into the ground repeatedly until we can scrape together a win. But it’s inspiring to see players like Let Me Solo Him and others master this game in such a short time and share their achievements with the rest of us Tarnished turned Elden Lords.