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WWE’s Randy Orton celebrates 20-year career by playing Elden Ring

It’s been 20 years since Randy Orton debuted in WWE, and The Viper decided to celebrate by slaying demigods and taking their runes in Elden Ring.
WWE’s Randy Orton celebrates 20-year career by playing Elden Ring

Randall Keith Orton, more widely known by his in-ring shorter name, Randy Orton was the protagonist of 26th April’s Monday Night Raw, WWE’s staple show, as the company celebrated 20 years of the iconic wrestler’s career.

Debuting on the 23rd April 2002 taping that aired 20 years ago to the date of his big live TV bash, the WWE Universe poured all their love and gratitude towards the ring as The Viper headlined the evening alongside more next-gen talent.

Taking on The Usos, Kevin Owens, and Seth “Freakin” Rollins, Orton teamed up with former AEW star Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel, and tag team partner and co-champion, Matt Riddle.

The match would go as expected with Randy handing out four devastating, back-to-back RKOs to send everybody home. But whilst the now 42-year-old likes to call himself dangerous inside the ropes, gamers know there’s nothing more dangerous than stepping into Elden Ring, a title that Orton can’t hold rather decides to throw it on and enjoy on the road.

Randy Orton plays Elden Ring

wwe, randy orton, elden ring, rank, riddle, wrestling
Randy has found a second wind in WWE teaming up with younger talent, carrying the tag team division and with enough spare time to rank up in Elden Ring. (Picture: WWE)

In a post-show interview quickly after wrapping the main event in Knoxville, TN, USA, the Apex Predator was asked how he would spend his evening to which he had already decided to drive to his hometown of St. Louis, MO, USA – a fair yet demanding seven-hour drive.

As the quote made Twitter, users started to wonder what the Legend Killer would do to kill the time to which Randy decided to quote tweet the concerns with a peek into the WWE Legend’s trip.

“[The trip is] 8hrs by bus. I’m playing Elden Ring and celebrating myself. I had to take a bathroom break, so I decided to check up on Elon [Twitter], and first thing I saw was your comment. I felt inclined to respond, so I did. Now I’m going to go back to slaying Demi-gods and absorbing their runes”, Randy Orton tweeted – and naturally, Twitter went crazy.

wwe, randy orton, elden ring, rank, riddle, wrestling
Randy Orton confirmed right below the original tweet that he currently sits at Rank 527. (Picture: Twitter)

The tweet currently sits at 12,000+ likes and is catching more and more eyes from fans, gamers, and co-workers, with AEW megastar and avid Twitch streamer, Adam Cole, praising The Viper’s taste in the comments.

“Oh man I hope you’ve been enjoying it! #ELDENRING is one of the best games I’ve ever played”, Cole replied.

With Elden Ring taking over the mainstream and gaining traction every single day – not that it needed any more traction – now all that’s left to wonder is if Randy can gift us with the visual of the Elden Beast getting stung by The Viper out of nowhere.


Featured image courtesy of WWE and FromSoftware.