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Where To Get Dragonscale Crates In The Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax Online Studios unveiled their Crown Store Showcase for November 2023, which marks the return of the Dragonscale Crates in ESO.
Where To Get Dragonscale Crates In The Elder Scrolls Online
(Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

With Update 40 officially live on the North American and European PC and Mac megaservers, players have begun exploring the depths of the Endless Archive. As Halloween festivities wreak havoc across Tamriel, the Crown Store received a store refresh with new and returning items available for November 2033.

One returning item bundle featured for the new month is the Dragonscale Crates, which will be obtainable for a limited time. We’ve discussed in this guide what players should know about the Dragonscale Crates and how to get them in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO).

What Are The Dragonscale Crates In ESO?

The Dragonscale Crates are purchasable item bundles players can acquire for a limited time from the Crown Store. These purchasable item bundles were introduced in March 2019 and are themed on the Wrathstone DLC released simultaneously.

eso elder scrolls online crown store guide dragonscale crates how where to get rewards
The rewards players can obtain from the Dragonscale Crates will vary depending on their rarity. (Picture: ZeniMax Online Studios)

According to the official announcement post, “Dragons! These ancient creatures, once locked away in the Halls of Colossus, have returned with a vengeance. Driven by an unquenchable thirst for conquest, they will stop at nothing to reclaim their place as the rightful rulers of Tamriel. While few mortals can match the strength of a raging Dragon, the contents of these mysterious crates might give you a taste of their awesome power!”

Players can obtain various rewards pulled from a pool of five unique rewards, graded from Common to Radiant Apex. The drop rates for these rewards vary on their rarity, with Common drops having a 98% drop rate, while Radiant Apex drops are as low as the Apex rarity but can be less.

As the Dragonscale Crates do stand a chance of containing Radiant Apex rewards, should players miss a “successive roll,” the opportunity of Radiant Apex items dropping could increase. Once a Radiant Apex item is obtained from the Dragonscale Crate, this will reset until players miss their rolls to boost their chances again.

How To Get Dragonscale Crates In ESO

Acquiring the Dragonscale Crates is pretty straightforward, as they will be available from the Crown Store in-game in November 2023. According to the Crown Store November 2023 announcement, the Dragonscale Crates will go live via the Crown Store from 9th November 2023 to 16th November 2023 at 10 am EST / 7 am PST / 2 pm UTC.

As of writing, the pricing for the Dragonscale Crates has not been made available, and as such, we’ll update this guide to reflect the Crown Store price. A Dragonscale Crate can contain various Radiant Apex, Apex, Legendary, Epic, Superior, Fine, and Common rewards, which are subject to change once the purchasable item bundle becomes available.

Players will also receive Crown Gems from crate rewards they’ve already owned or extracted from crate rewards they do not wish to possess. These can be used to acquire items from the Dragonscale Crates (and every other crate available) if they don’t want to depend on RNG to get one of the five crate rewards they want.

They can also be acquired using Seals of Endeavor, which are earned through the Endeavor system by completing Daily and Weekly Endeavors. The items that could be featured in the latest iteration of the Dragonscale Crates will include Mounts, Furnishings, Consumables, Weapon Styles, XP Scrolls, Pets, Mementos, and various cosmetics.

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for the PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Game Pass, Mac, and PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. Players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide as Update 40 releases for Mac and PC on 30th October 2023.