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ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How to defeat Lylanar and Turlassil

Lylanar and Turlassil are the first bosses in the Dreadsail Reef Trial tied to ESO High Isle.
ESO High Isle Dreadsail Reef Trial - How to defeat Lylanar and Turlassil

Dreadsail Reef is the latest Trial to be added to The Elder Scrolls Online through the High Isle Chapter, and that means a whole new set of difficult bosses. The first set you'll encounter as you take on the reef are Lylanar and Turlassil, who work together in tandem.

Most of the mechanics within the Dreadsail Reef are fairly common in ESO, and this first boss fight is no different, but executing them wrong can be devastating to a party. Without knowing the mechanics, especially on Veteran difficulty, the first boss duo is a daunting task that involves careful attention to the boss element.

Lylanar and Turlassil - Dreadsail Reef Trial ESO

Lylanar appears first in the boss arena. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

When you enter the boss room for Lylanar and Turlassil, you'll be greeted by some hounds on a large wooden floor. These hounds are a split between frost and fire, which is a hint at how the fight itself works. Initiating the fight will cause the hounds to attack, and they should all be taken out quickly.

After the hounds die, Lylanar will appear first with an axe in hand, and you'll notice that he is covered in fire. This is important because there is a dome that spawns on the arena by default that should start as a white frost dome. Keeping the boss in the dome is the key to dealing with further damage and removing any defense buffs.

When Turlassil arrives, Lylanar will back out, but the frost dome will remain. This dome needs to be changed, and this is done by approaching the corresponding orbs on the side of the arena. Hit or synergize with the correct element to get the dome that you need, and burn down the frost-based Turlassil.

Interact with the orbs to further damage Turlassil. (Picture: Zenimax Online Studios)

At the end of the fight, both of the bosses will appear in the arena together. On normal modes, burning through the right element on the boss will be far easier with just one tank to pull the bosses. As the tank keeps aggro on both bosses, the DPS needs to kill any of the adds that appear around the arena. They will build up quickly and dish out some serious damage.

On Veteran modes, having an off-tank is nearly necessary for splitting up the two bosses and using the right elements. Otherwise, the group will take tons of AOE damage and it will be nearly impossible to survive mechanics. This set of bosses in High Isle is one of the more difficult ones, and if your group can get past it, then the Dreadsail Reef Trial in ESO can likely be completed.

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Featured image courtesy of Zenimax Online Studios.