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How to unlock Ember companion in Elder Scrolls High Isle

Ember is a new Khajit companion introduced in the High Isle expansion of Elder Scrolls Online. Here's how you can unlock her.
How to unlock Ember companion in Elder Scrolls High Isle

The latest Elder Scrolls Online expansion, High Isle, takes players to the islands of Systres Archipelago, home to the Bretons clan. As always, there are new zones to explore, new quests to complete, new dungeons to raid, and new rewards to unlock. 
The High Isle expansion also adds two new companions that you can recruit for your adventures across Tamriel. In this guide, we will focus on how to unlock Ember, a young mage Khajit woman, as a companion in Elder Scrolls HighIsle. 

Ember's location in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle 

ember companion quest location elder scrolls online high isle
Reach the marker to start Ember's companion quest in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle. (Picture: Bethesda)

Whether you're a new player or a veteran ESO player, the good news is that you can unlock and recruit Ember almost immediately after reaching Gonfalon Bay, which is the starting area of the game. 

Once you have arrived in Gonfalon Bay, head east towards the location marked in the screenshot above. Here, you will find a massive desolated bridge, which you need to cross over to find an NPC called Ladlow Menant. Interact with Ladlow to start the quest, "Tower full of Trouble."

You will meet Ember soon after starting the aforementioned quest. Talk to her, and she will fill you in about the cheeky little tragedy that had occurred at Tor Draioch. Completing this quest, which could take about 20-25 minutes, will unlock Ember as a companion. 

How to summon a companion in Elder Scrolls Online

summon companion elder scrolls online
You can assign and summon unlock companions from the Collections tab in the inventory. (Picture: Bethesda)

If you're new to Elder Scrolls Online, you may find it confusing as to how to summon a companion in Elder Scrolls Online once you have unlocked them. Thankfully, it isn't as complicated as it may seem and takes only a few seconds.

After you have unlocked Ember, open up your inventory and go to the Collections section. Here, you will find the Companion section under the Allies column. From here, you can assign and summon Ember and other companions that you may unlock in the game. 

That concludes our guide on how to unlock Ember companion in Elder Scrolls Online High Isle.

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Featured image courtesy of Bethesda.